How to decorate the house facing north

In the five elements, the buildings facing north and South are called ” Huozhai ” , On ” Fire house ” ; When designing the office, if the color is light and floating, and the fire is empty but not real, it is easy to file a lawsuit or commit a fire. It is more appropriate to adopt the color of dark series, which can give people a strong sense of texture and a sense of solemnity

in terms of appearance, if it is not a work requiring careful consideration, it is best to choose the entrance in the northwest, because the entrance facing north makes people feel very deep and quiet, so in terms of internal decoration, milky white walls can make the air flow quickly, especially in the west, northwest, north, East and Southeast. A small range of red, silver or gold will strengthen the attribute of Yang. It can be used in the southwest, northeast, West, northwest and North, and decorated with wooden floor, marble or stone floor. Undulating, soft lighting is better, using metal, wood or glass furniture and equipment or metal shutters. In addition, a large shellfish or glass sculpture can be placed to enhance the energy in this direction

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