Toilet Feng Shui layout

When it comes to the Feng Shui layout of the bathroom and the problems of good and bad luck, many people think that the bathroom is more or less bad in any direction in the house, which is one-sided

first of all, no matter how the bathroom is arranged in the house, the orientation of the bathroom cannot violate the life. If it violates the life, it will bring disasters. Of course, sometimes disasters are not immediate, but slowly formed. The toilet is not difficult to obtain good luck in any direction. In modern architecture, the toilet in the house plays an important role in eliminating evil and discouraging, which is essential

secondly, the bathroom should be installed in the four evil positions of Lian Zhen, record keeping, breaking the army and Wenqu in the house, so as to suppress these evil spirits and make the bad air go away. In order to make the people in the house get good luck, but the bathroom should pay attention to ventilation. The door can’t rush to the door and kitchen. It’s also most forbidden to be located in the middle of the house. This is the water breaking the heart of heaven

from a physical point of view, the bathroom cannot discharge the water vapor in the center, which increases the humidity of the house, which will lead to excessive permanent Yin Qi in the house and affect the health of the people in the house. From a feng shui point of view, the center of the house is the main position, and the bathroom is used to suppress the main position and discharge the flourishing gas, which is naturally unfavorable to the owner, damaging health and wealth

on the good and bad luck of toilet location in Feng Shui of Yangzhai:

(1) the toilet should be placed in the house or the evil side of the life

(2) the toilet should not be placed in the position of Wuqu, otherwise the reputation will not be obvious, the study will be unfavorable and the career work will not be smooth

(3) the toilet should not be placed in the middle palace of the house, otherwise it will cost money and get sick

(4) the door of the toilet should not be towards the house door, room door and stove, otherwise it will bring good luck in other directions

(5) the door of the toilet should not face the bed, otherwise the disease is inevitable

(6) the toilet should not be in the same direction as the door, and the main vent door should be closed

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