Home bedroom decoration Feng Shui

why pay attention to home bedroom decoration Feng Shui ? For example, the ceiling above the bedroom bed is equipped with headlights, most women have uterine fibroids, gynecologic inflammation, and men are prone to prostate and diabetes. p”gt;

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bedroom decoration Feng Shui

principles of home bedroom decoration Feng Shui

1. The shape of the bedroom should be square, not strange. From the perspective of Feng Shui, a square bedroom is the best. It can make the person lying in it feel stable, have a high sense of security, and is very beneficial to health. If you can’t use a square design, it’s also good to use a rectangular design. However, the smaller the gap between the length and width of the bedroom, the better. Too narrow bedroom is easy to make people feel lonely and left out. And those sensitive people will have many illusions due to their wild thoughts. The bedroom should not be round: as the old saying goes, ” The sky is round and the place ” ;. Circular initiative means movement and change in psychology, vision and Feng Shui, which is easy to give people a feeling of instability and restlessness. The round bedroom will make people who rest indoors have a sense of rotation and uneasiness. Living here for a long time is easy to cause symptoms such as depression, lack of sleep, dizziness and so on. Other shapes, such as triangles, pentagons, octagons, semicircles, etc., are bad for people’s health

2. The size of the bedroom should be reasonable. If the bedroom is too small, it will not gather gas, and if it is too large, it will be unlucky. In fact, both Yi culture and feng shui theory pay attention to harmony and unity. The so-called size is not absolute, but relative. The most suitable bedroom area should be about 20 square meters

III. The lighting of the bedroom should be appropriate. Feng shui theory has different requirements for the lighting of the living room and bedroom. The so-called ” Bright hall and dark room ” ;. The living room is a place to receive guests, and it is also a place where family members often get together. Of course, being bright and cheerful is more suitable; The bedroom is a place to rest. Of course, it is suitable for softer light

experts remind that if the light in the bedroom shared by husband and wife is too much, the five elements belong to fire and do not improve for a long time, the liver fire will naturally rise, and the husband and wife will have a bad temper, which will lead to more quarrels and seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife. If the bedroom is too dark, Yin Qi is too abundant, which is not conducive to health

IV. the bedroom door should not be opposed to other doors. No matter the entrance door, bathroom door or kitchen door, it should not be directly opposite to the bedroom door. The entrance door is in a straight line with the bedroom door, and the two doors are connected in a line, which will undoubtedly attract external air into the inner room; Moreover, the sleeper can be seen at a glance at the door, which is prone to the involvement of a third party in marriage or feelings. The bathroom door and kitchen door are opposite to the bedroom door, which is easy to have an adverse impact on the owner’s health

v. the decorative layout of the bedroom should be conducive to the owner’s fortune. If the color and materials of the indoor layout are contrary to the owner’s destiny, or the meaning of the art is bad, it will have a negative impact on the owner’s fortune. Therefore, it must be decorated in combination with the fate of the owner, so as to promote the luck of the owner. The color of the master bedroom should be warm rather than cold. Therefore, more soft materials should be used as the material for indoor layout. For example, gauze curtains, soft cotton sofas, pink, peach or purple blue romantic sheets, curtains or quilts can add interest and help both husband and wife’s marriage and love. Works of art with bad meanings can sometimes be very destructive. There is no doubt that works of art are used to beautify the environment, but we must pay attention to its implication, otherwise, when there is no peace at home, how can we have the mind to appreciate the elegance of art

VI. in order to sleep safely, the bed should not be facing the mirror. When people are half awake, they are easy to be frightened by the image in the mirror and have restless spirit; The TV should not face the front of the bed, but can be changed to the side or placed in the cabinet as a withdrawable TV cabinet; The bed cannot be backed by the door. People outside the door can see everything on the bed without a sense of completeness, which also affects the rest. In the bed, Feng Shui admiral ” The roof directly above the bed is equipped with a chandelier ” ; Called ” Chandelier press, Think ” The evil spirit is heavy;. Bad for health. Modern psychological research has found that if the ceiling above the bed is equipped with chandeliers, it will indeed give people psychological hints, increase people’s psychological pressure, affect endocrine, and then cause a series of health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, respiratory emergencies and so on

six Feng Shui Tips for home bedroom decoration

the first move: skillfully use tools to increase space utilization

bedroom is a very private space. Everyone can reasonably arrange their own environment according to their own living habits. At this moment, some tools provided in the market can play a very powerful role, such as storage baskets and hooks. They are small and compact, Therefore, it can be placed in various places, but it should be set according to their own needs to avoid excessive and improper phenomena

the second move: make clever use of the dead corner of space

unless it is a customized wardrobe, generally no matter how high the wardrobe is, there will be a certain distance from the ceiling, thus forming a dead corner of space. At this time, you might as well use some small storage tools, such as storage boxes, to store some seasonal items or things you can’t use for the time being ” Shelved ” , Remember to place them in an orderly and classified manner, so as to facilitate the collection and search in the future

the third move: the small bedroom is decorated to make room on the other side

for a small bedroom, you might as well place the bed and wardrobe along one wall and put them together to make room on the other side. In this way, the whole room will be spacious because there is a lot of blank space; This area can also be used as a temporary place for some movable furniture or elastic shrinkage furniture for emergency needs

the fourth move: use the lines and windows to stretch the space

the horizontal lines at the head of the bed can make people produce a stretched visual effect, while the windows on both sides give small bedrooms more natural light, and the transparency of the room can effectively extend the space; Furniture and cloth colors are coordinated and unified, which also integrates the decoration effect of the bedroom without clutter

fifth move: expand the space with white of different materials

different materials have different textures. When they are presented in the same tone, the space will not appear monotonous, but will produce a different effect. White leather background wall, white feather lampshade, white cashmere carpet and white cotton bedding create a unified visual effect and work together to expand the space

sixth move: small bedroom decoration sliding door to reduce space waste

for small house types with uncomplicated population, it is advisable to replace the bedroom door with sliding type, which can not only save a certain amount of space, but also avoid the generation of dead corners of the room. At the same time, the bedroom door can do the same decorative design as the outer wall, so that when the door is closed, the space is more secretive

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