How to decorate the house facing east and West

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the house sitting in the east to the west is called ” Wooden house ” ;. The nature of wood should be deep, long and square. Therefore, the office should be built relatively high and deep, with a long longitudinal feeling. Its layout should be square and atmospheric. On the contrary, if the layout of the office is wide and shallow, people will not be able to adjust their body and mind, or mental diseases will occur, because these are not in line with the nature of wood

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in appearance, the entrance in this direction will make the southwest sunshine enter the room, which is more suitable for economic work and competitive work. In terms of interior decoration, red, maroon, bright gray and pink will enhance the upward energy, especially in the southwest, northeast, West, northwest and North. The color decoration effect of lamps is better, and bright red is the best. Bright gray and pink will weaken this feeling

stone or ceramic floors are better used in the southwest, northeast, West, northwest and North. Using carpet, stone or wood floor decoration can continue this positive energy, and the natural wood floor is the first choice. It’s also good to use metal and natural fiber and metal shutters. Spherical, arched and circular shapes are better, because circular spotlights and round leaves will make the air flow faster

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