Where is the post horse in Feng Shui

The ancient post station served to deliver official documents, and the post horse was one of the means of transportation. The post horse position plays a key role in Feng Shui. The post horse position is mainly beneficial to some people who often run away because of work. Generally speaking, placing copper horses on the post horse position at home will ensure that everything is smooth and safe outside. In addition, in the wealth position at home, placing copper horses can play a role in increasing wealth

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in addition, the determination of individual post horse position is closely related to the zodiac. Among the twelve zodiac animals:

people belonging to monkey, mouse and dragon, and the post horse is located at 52.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees on the compass ” deg;;

for people belonging to pigs, rabbits and sheep, the post horse is located at 142.5 degrees to 157.5 degrees on the compass ” deg;;

for people belonging to tigers, horses and dogs, the post horse is located at 232.5 degrees to 247.5 degrees on the compass ” deg;;

people belonging to snakes, chickens and cattle, with post horses at 322.5 degrees to 337.5 degrees on the compass ” deg;

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