Feng Shui of bathroom decoration

In fact, in the decoration of bathroom, many problems will also involve Feng Shui. These problems also need to pay attention to when decorating. What is the feng shui of bathroom decoration? Let’s have a look

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bathroom decoration Feng Shui

bathroom decoration Feng Shui needs to be cautious

bathroom should not be opened in the southwest or northeast

bathroom focuses on incoming and outgoing water, and water and gas are very heavy. If it is opened in the southwest or northeast, there will be ” Soil conquers water ” ; It is unlucky because of the occurrence of the disease, which will especially damage the health of the family

the bathroom should not be opened in the center of the house

there are two reasons for this statement: according to ” Luo Shu ” ; The central genus ” Soil ” , If the bathroom is in the middle of the house, then ” Soil conquers water ” ; It’s a bad thing. The center of a house is as important as the heart of a human being. The bathroom is not only unsightly, but also contrary to the way of Feng Shui

the bathroom should not be opened in the South

because of the South ” Fire ” ; Gas weight, and ” Moisture ” ; Water and fire are incompatible between heavy sanitary ware, so it’s unlucky

the location of the bathroom should be hidden

because the bathroom is considered to be a relatively unclean and private place, it should not pay too much attention. The toilet door should not be aligned with the front door. The two are in a straight line, which is not only unsightly, but also against the way of Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that this will lead to diseases, especially malignant tumors. Even if the bathroom is not directly facing the door, it should not be located in the eye-catching place

In order to save more space in the city, it is not suitable to make a toilet, but some people should not change it into a crowded bathroom in order to save more space in the city. In terms of Feng Shui, the bathroom is regarded as an unclean place and should be opened in the evil side to suppress the evil star. Therefore, it is not suitable for the bedroom to be adjacent to the bathroom, let alone to change the bathroom into a bedroom. From the perspective of environmental sanitation, it is not appropriate, because although the bathroom on his floor is changed into a bedroom, it is not so upstairs and downstairs. In this way, the bedroom on his floor is sandwiched between the upper and lower bathroom, which is quite embarrassing. In addition, if there is sewage leakage in the bathroom upstairs, the people sleeping under it will bear the brunt, which is not in line with environmental hygiene

the bathroom should always be kept clean

the bathroom is just like the so-called ” Out of filth ” ; Therefore, great attention should be paid to cleanliness, otherwise it is easy to breed germs

the toilet should maintain air circulation

it is not enough to keep it clean. The toilet and bathroom should be ventilated from time to time to let fresh air flow in and blow away the dirty air in the toilet. Therefore, the window or air window in the toilet should be opened from time to time to absorb more fresh air

the bathroom is the most secret place in the home. To treat the bathroom carefully is to carefully defend the health and comfort of yourself and your family

Feng Shui Encyclopedia of bathroom decoration

according to feng shui theory, bathroom is called a dirty and humid place, and there are many taboos, such as not facing the door, not in the position of the air outlet, etc. these theories are actually in line with the requirements of modern environmental sanitation. Nowadays, housing with multiple sets of sanitary facilities has become a trend. However, such design not only brings convenience to people, but also buries hidden dangers of health. Therefore, when arranging the bathroom, it is more necessary to pay special attention to Feng Shui in the bathroom, so as to make the family live more comfortable

feng shui elements of home bathroom decoration

the bathroom should not be located in the center of the house

the center of the house should be transparent and spacious, and should not be used as a space for dirt accumulation such as toilet and kitchen. When the bathroom is in the center of the house, the moisture and filth in the bathroom will spread to other rooms in the house, which is easy to cause family members to get sick, which is extremely harmful to health. If the bathroom has been set in the center of the house, it is best to redecorate and adjust

do not flush the bathroom door

the bathroom door should not be against any door of the house, especially against the entrance door of the house. The entrance door is the air port and the place where the anger is inhaled. The anger should flow gently in the house. In Feng Shui, doors should not be opposed to each other, so the doors should be arranged in a staggered manner. In terms of environmental protection and psychology, it is also indecent to see the door of the bathroom as soon as people enter the house, and there are sounds and peculiar smells. It is neither elegant nor polite, and it has an impact on the health of the family, which is unfavorable to the mental outlook of the family

the bathroom door should not be opposite to the stove position

the door in the bathroom should not be opposite to the stove position. The five elements in the bathroom belong to water, which is the place to excrete foul gas, while the five elements in the kitchen stove belong to fire, which is the place to cook things. The nature is completely different. Water and fire are incompatible, which is unfavorable to family luck

the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with that of the house

according to the requirements of Chinese traditional residential Feng Shui customs, the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with that of the house. For example, the direction of the door of the house faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if they look south, they commit the taboo that the toilet is in the same direction as the house, which may lead to health problems for family members. The solution is to adjust the direction of the toilet to deviate from or opposite to the direction of the house

bathroom facilities should not have irregular shapes

the choice of bathroom facilities is very particular. The shape of the bathtub is rectangular or circular, and regular pentagon and hexagon can also be used, but triangle or irregular shape should not be used, which is unfavorable to users. The bathtub should not be too large, mainly practical, which should be carefully considered before buying

avoid no windows

water is the main element of the bathroom. Rooms with more water are relatively humid, which will lead to heavy air energy retention, resulting in its tendency to stagnate. If there are no windows, the consequences can be imagined. Assuming that there is enough space, the bathroom must be larger than smaller, so as to avoid harmful air condensation and stagnation in the room. The bathroom of some houses is completely closed without windows. As long as the exhaust fan is not often opened, it will be harmful to health in the long run. The bathroom space with windows can place green plants or hang pictures, which can ease the atmosphere and gather vitality on Feng Shui

lighting should not be too much

lighting in the bathroom. Generally, incandescent lamps should be selected for the overall lighting, with soft brightness. However, an independent lighting lamp must be set next to the cosmetic mirror as a supplement to the local lighting. The fluorescent lamp can be selected for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, spaciousness and freshness. In the selection of lamps in the bathroom, glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable waterproof and safety shall be the main. In the shape of lighting, it is not suitable to decorate with complex lamp types, let alone too low, so as to avoid accidents

the connector of lamps should not be exposed.

the bathroom is humid, so be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be equipped with safety protection functions, and connectors and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it should be set outside the bathroom, otherwise a moisture-proof and waterproof panel should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture and electric leakage

avoid clutter

clutter is the great taboo of Feng Shui in the bathroom, which will hinder the air and make it difficult to walk. Only the minimum necessities should be placed, and too many sundries should not be placed in the bathroom space. Cleaning tools should not be exposed outside and should be specially stored. The most ideal bathrooms are those with simple furnishings, simple design and good ventilation. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the materials used, and different floor tiles and floor materials will produce different effects. For example, the smooth surface of marble, granite and other hard ground will accelerate the flow of gas energy, especially when it is crystal bright and visible. They help to create an exciting and positive atmosphere

it is not suitable to choose dazzling colors

the colorful bathroom highlights personality and style. However, as the bathroom is a place where the five elements belong to water, it is best to choose gold white, metal color and water black, blue and gray, which are elegant and can produce a sense of peace and. Avoid using dazzling colors such as bright red and dark purple in the bathroom, which makes the toilet users depressed and irritable

taboos on Feng Shui in toilet decoration

1 According to the principle of traditional Chinese family history, the direction of the toilet should not be the same as that of the condominium. For example, the direction of the door of the condominium faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if they also face south, they will violate the taboo of the same direction of the toilet and the condominium. It is said that it is easy to lead to acne in the family. Of course, I did not carefully investigate the situation of acne in the actual survey, But you can still avoid it

  2. Many Feng Shui schools believe that the bathroom should not be located in the south of the house. In fact, this is also related to the location of the eight trigrams. The south is separated from the trigrams, and the five elements belong to fire, while the five elements of the bathroom belong to water. Setting the water bathroom in the south of the fire is the bathroom restraining the fire. For example, the eight character Chong of the same person is too old, so it is also unlucky

feng shui knowledge in the bathroom

  3. Closed bathrooms affecting health

some residential bathrooms are fully closed, with no windows and only exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans are not often opened. According to the view of genealogy, there must be windows in the bathroom. It is best to have sufficient sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple. Let the turbid gas in the bathroom be discharged more easily and keep the air fresh. If it is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment, it must be harmful to the health of the family. The use of some air fresheners only changes the taste of the air and has no improvement on the quality of the air

  4. Many Feng Shui classics have mentioned that bathrooms should not be located in the southwest or northeast

it is considered that bathrooms are located in these two places, but there is no reason to explain it, which makes ordinary people confused. In fact, this is determined by the hexagram phase of the eight trigrams. The northeast is the gen hexagram and the southwest is the Kun hexagram. Their nature belongs to soil, while the hexagram phase of the bath toilet is water. If the bath toilet belonging to water is located in the Gen and Kun sides of the soil, there will be an adverse image of soil conquering water, so it is determined as a great evil. The rules for determining the orientation of bathrooms are quite complicated. Please refer to the column of house selection rules of the eight House School

5 In addition to the north and northeast directions, the toilets in the southwest also belong to bad looks

if you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest. The south is the orientation of lighting. If the toilet occupies this orientation,

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