What Feng Shui is particular about the dressing mirror in the bathroom

Now, in order to make it more convenient for residents to use in the decoration process, a dressing mirror is often installed in the bathroom, so that it can be used directly after bathing. However, it should be clear that the toilet, that is, the toilet, has a relatively large Feng Shui function. If its Feng Shui is affected, it will be unfavorable to the feng shui of the whole house

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therefore, you must pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui stress when installing the dressing mirror in the bathroom. What Feng Shui stress does the dressing mirror in the bathroom have

What’s the feng shui of the dressing mirror in the bathroom? Pay attention to

1. Do not touch the toilet door: the door in the bathroom is also an air inlet, so if the dressing mirror is placed facing the door, it will lead to the hedging effect between the included air field and the air field refracted by the mirror, and then destroy the Feng Shui in the whole bathroom. Moreover, the filthy gas in the toilet itself is relatively heavy. If the mirror is facing the door, it may refract the filthy gas in the toilet and destroy the feng shui of the house

2. Do not face the toilet: the toilet is the most important utensil in the toilet, so its Feng Shui gas field is relatively strong. In this case, if the mirror faces the toilet, it will lead to gas field hedging, and will lead to the accelerated outflow of dirty gas in the toilet, which will do great harm to the gas field of the house

It’s not good for the family to look at the faucet, so it’s bad for the family to look at the faucet. Moreover, the toilet itself is the lower water level of the house, and the water vapor is heavy, so if the mirror faces the faucet, it will destroy the water vapor in the toilet

in addition, the mirror should not be placed in the bathroom facing the window, so the suggestion here is to try not to place the mirror in the bathroom, otherwise it is easy to destroy Feng Shui

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