Feng shui knowledge of overall kitchen decoration

The kitchen is not only an important area in the home, but also an essential area in every home. The kitchen is also the area most used in our home life. It can be seen that the kitchen is very important, and the decoration of the kitchen is also important; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of Feng Shui in the overall kitchen decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

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feng shui knowledge of overall kitchen decoration

what is the feng shui knowledge of overall kitchen decoration

kitchen, which is the fate of a hostess. Good feng shui in the kitchen can make the hostess’s good luck, and then make the whole family healthy and prosperous. The bad kitchen Feng Shui can bring disaster to the hostess and affect the whole family

here is a summary of my kitchen Feng Shui from reading, watching TV and surfing the Internet. I hope you can gain something

at the beginning of kitchen decoration Feng Shui, there are two sentences in kitchen Feng Shui:

1. The door is the main stove. For the three elements of Feng Shui. Where ” Stove ” ; Kitchen (in a broad sense), also referred to as stove (in a narrow sense), is one of the three elements of Feng Shui. In addition, the stove has a kitchen god, which is responsible for cooking, which is related to the health of the whole family

2. If there is no door in the kitchen, there is no hostess. This sentence is in modern Feng Shui, which means that the kitchen should have a door and be separated from other spaces. Why? Because the ancients believed that women should go up to the hall and down to the kitchen. The kitchen is a place for cooking, and the smell of lampblack is very heavy. Naturally, it should be separated from the place for receiving guests and sleeping to avoid influence. Therefore, in ancient quadrangles, the kitchen was in a corner, with a corridor connected to the hall, rather than directly on the side of the living room

it is women who cook, that is to say, the kitchen is the world of women, so it also represents women’s fortune

based on the above two sentences, there are several main points in kitchen Feng Shui. Cleanliness is the foundation of good feng shui in the kitchen

location of the kitchen

the kitchen is a fire. Avoid putting it in the dry position. The dry stove owner has mental illness, high blood pressure, stroke and so on. So when my colleagues buy a house, I advise them not to buy a dry place with a stove. The kitchen is suitable for the East. The East belongs to wood, and wood and fire grow together. It’s really not good. You can put the stove in the east of the kitchen

kitchen door

the kitchen should have a door and be separated from other spaces (distinguished from other rooms and living rooms). Feng Shui doesn’t agree with the design of open kitchen. But there are exceptions. The kitchen door shall not be opposite to the door, toilet and bedroom. The door is an air outlet, and the oil fume in the kitchen will be scattered from the door, causing pollution

“gt; see you at the kitchen door. It not only refers to the stove to the door, but also includes the stove in the living room and dining room. The stove is the place to make a fire and the place for the hostess to make money. Therefore, it is natural to be private. The kitchen is forbidden to rely on the back, and relying on the window is the pattern of money leakage. Feng Shui stresses that it can be more stable and lasting only when there is a back and a back. Do not put the top of the stove on the beam and the top of the cabinet (ghost), which means that making money is blocked. Some home kitchens have back balconies. Similarly, pay attention that the stove cannot be opposite the door. Here to say, the stove had better not face any door. Because women cook, there is a door behind them, which is a villain pattern

both water and fire

pay attention to both water and fire in the kitchen to avoid incompatibility between water and fire. That is, the position relationship between the sink and the stove, avoid being close to each other and avoid being opposite. Refrigerators are also water properties. Pay attention to this as well


the refrigerator is a treasury. Pay attention to avoid opposite doors and flushing the stove. If necessary, you can consider hiding it in the cabinet. Secondly, pay attention to keep the refrigerator half full or full to avoid being empty


the kitchen belongs to fire, so avoid the color belonging to fire: red orange. Instead, you can use dark and soft colors to dissolve the fire evil spirit


cooking in the kitchen is related to the health of the family. Pay attention to keeping the kitchen clean and tidy

eight feng shui knowledge of overall kitchen decoration

1. Spatial layout of the kitchen:

oriented towards the kitchen door, the spatial layout should be high on the left, low on the right, high in the back and low in the front. Cabinets, stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. are best placed on the left or back of the kitchen. Because the left is the position of green dragon, it is the main wealth; After that, it is Xuanwu, which is the master of health. Therefore, placing items such as stove in these two directions can bring health and wealth to the family

2. Color tone of kitchen:

kitchen is a place with high hygiene requirements, so the color tone is generally bright and concise warm color. However, the tone of the floor must be deeper than that of the wall and ceiling, with a sense of massiness and stability. In this way, a sense of space is formed, which is heavy at the bottom and light at the top, giving people a sense of stability and tranquility

3. Stove position:

the stove should not be opposite to the door, window or window, and the stove should not be close to the partition wall of the toilet. At present, many houses have kitchens and toilets next to each other. At this time, the stove must be far away from the partition between the bathroom and the kitchen. The aisle of the kitchen should not be flushed with the stove

  4、” Kitchen King ” ; Deity:

if you want to place ” Kitchen King ” ; The God position should not be close to the stove and vegetable washing basin. It is suitable to be placed near the kitchen door and higher than the stove

5. Position of vegetable washing basin:

the position of vegetable washing basin should not be at the same level as the stove, and should not be aligned with the stove or the door

6. Kitchen design:

kitchen is not suitable for open design. Because the kitchen is the place with the most oil smoke, it is easy for the dirty gas to flow into the house. Moreover, the kitchen is a place for breeding, which is suitable for gathering rather than dispersing

7. Avoid door flushing:

the kitchen door should not be opposite the door. The three essentials of Yangzhai pointed out: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , If you encounter such a pattern, the only way to avoid it is to change the door

8. Cabinet color:

the color of the cabinet should match the hostess’s five behaviors. The hostess should be mainly represented by the color of the five elements of the God of food. It belongs to wood, and the God of food is fire, which should be red or orange; It belongs to fire, and the God of food is earth. It should be yellow or brown; It belongs to the earth, and the God of food is gold, which should be gold or silver; It belongs to gold, and the God of food is water, which should be blue or black; It belongs to water. The God of food is wood. It should be green

What are the feng shui knowledge of the overall kitchen decoration

1. You can’t see the stove directly in the kitchen

the stove is the main source of food for three meals in a family. The stove in Feng Shui should be placed in a secret place. The orientation of the stove should be determined according to the life of the owner, for example, the owner is ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The preferred orientation is the southwest, so the southwest can be used as the orientation of the stove

2. The kitchen door should not rush into the door

the door is the main air passage in and out of the house. The kitchen is where the wealth of a family lies, and the door is the entrance of Qi management. It is the place for family and friends to go in and out. When the door is facing the kitchen door, the kitchen will have a panoramic view of the outside world and expose all its wealth, which will lead to family financial difficulties and poor financial luck at home. Then we should consider the impact of this pattern

3. The kitchen should not be on the toilet

the kitchen is a place for eating and drinking. Five behaviors are fire, and generally the fire is relatively heavy. While the toilet five behaviors are water, the kitchen and toilet should not form a hedge, otherwise it will cause the feng shui theory that water and fire are incompatible in Feng Shui. In the long run, it will easily affect the health of the family, and there will be the theory that diseases enter from the mouth, which will lead to the appearance of money breaking Feng Shui in the family

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