How to choose the location of shoe cabinet

In Feng Shui, shoes are only suitable to be placed near the gate, but not in other parts of the house. Because people wear shoes on the street and are contaminated with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, they are usually messy, so it is not suitable to put shoes everywhere, otherwise they will be outside ” Bad gas ” ; It will enter the house with shoes, affecting the fate of residents

therefore, in order to facilitate the arrangement of instruments during travel, shoe cabinets or clothes hangers can be designed at the porch, but not in the middle. For the home with the door facing the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also be used as a screen to block the evil spirit rushing in from the door. However, the porch must be clean and tidy and do not pile up too many sundries. If there are shoes on the ground when entering the door, people will have no foothold, which will affect and hinder career and wealth

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