What plants are suitable for growing on the balcony

If you look out from the balcony and there is an unlucky environment, you can plant some plants to turn evil spirits. Generally, plants with thorns have the function of dissolving evil spirits. Such as cactus, fat and fleshy, covered with sharp spikes. If you use it as a household patron saint, you need to choose a cactus with tall plants. The most beautiful Huasha plants are roses and roses, as well as the keel and jade unicorn, which are the best choice for Huasha town houses. In addition, if you want something new, choose to plant gourds

in addition to planting Huasha plants on the balcony, it is also suitable for the growth of many plants to prosper the house. Most of these plants have strong branches and thick leaves, and are green and vigorous all year round. Common ones are evergreen, iron tree, Clivia, brown bamboo, fortune tree, money tree, etc

among them, evergreen has strong branches and thick leaves. Its large leaves, like outstretched palms, accept the blessings outside the balcony and have a strong effect on home feng shui

the leaves of the iron tree are long and narrow, with yellow spots in the center, which means strong. Iron tree can strengthen the vitality of the house and generate prosperous Feng Shui

if you only plant one plant on the balcony, you can put it anywhere. But if you planted many pots of plants, how would you put them? The arrangement of plants also has the theory of yin and Yang, so the potted plants on the balcony should be high on the left and low on the right. If the right is high and the left is low, the Yin and yang are unbalanced, and the mistress may be domineering, the child rebellious, and the subordinates of the company do not listen to the command. In addition, we should put the plants that like Yang in the front and the plants that like Yin in the back, so as to have their own lighting

however, sunlight is a channel to receive gas, not a garden. Plants cannot block all the light

in addition, it should be noted that not all balconies are suitable for planting flowers and plants. Therefore, when choosing real estate, people who like flowers and plants had better not choose houses with balconies in the northeast and southwest

plants in these two directions will have a negative impact on the intestines, stomach and transportation of residents. Plants on the balcony in the Northeast will affect children’s studies, while plants in the southwest will also affect the transportation of hostesses

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