How to choose the orientation of kitchen windows

We pay more attention to kitchen Feng Shui. People want to create a good kitchen Feng Shui, so we should pay more attention to the relevant layout in the kitchen. Every kitchen should have windows. The windows are conducive to ventilation and daylighting, but the kitchen windows also pay attention to Feng Shui, especially the orientation of the windows. Do you know how to choose the orientation of the kitchen windows

1. The window facing south

the window facing south is better, which is also beneficial to the overall indoor Feng Shui atmosphere, because the window facing south can bring enough yang to the interior, especially the humid kitchen, which is very beneficial to the balance of the kitchen wind and water environment, and Feng Shui believes that the kitchen with the window facing south can improve the good luck of the family

2. The window facing Southeast

the window facing Southeast can not only ensure sufficient light in the kitchen, but also wind into the room, which is conducive to the circulation of air in the kitchen. Then the unfavorable Feng Shui in the kitchen can be blown away, and the unfavorable atmosphere will not be squeezed in the kitchen and affect the Feng Shui environment of the kitchen. It is very good for Feng Shui in the kitchen and home as a whole

3. Windows facing east

the things in the kitchen are often very important, which is related to the food safety of a family. For the kitchen, it is best to face the southeast, because this direction is the best. There can be enough light, disinfect the things in the kitchen, ventilate and circulate air. Bad luck can fly away without gathering here

4. The kitchen window is facing sharp objects

on Feng Shui, sharp objects are called fire shaped evil spirits. For example, the window is facing the corner of the house, pavilion corner, art sculpture with acute angle, and more than three chimneys and triangular roads are guilty of fire shaped evil spirits. The influence of huoxingsha on people is very bad, and it is easy for people to suffer from acute diseases or injuries. To dissolve the fire shaped evil spirit, you need to put the copper snake on the side of the evil Qi and use the mouth of the snake to block the evil spirit. You can also use copper coins to hang on the evil Qi side, and use copper coins to diffuse the evil Qi to disintegrate the evil Qi

5. See the gap between the two buildings from the kitchen window

when the two buildings are very close, the gap between the two buildings will become very narrow, forming a huge gap. From a distance, it is like a huge axe splitting the building in two. This kind of appearance is tianzhesha. If you can see the sky from the window, it is easy for your family to suffer from bloodshed, or suffer from very dangerous diseases that require surgery. To resolve the sky chopping evil spirit, you need to place a copper horse in the window where you can see the evil spirit. If the situation is more serious, put the enlarged copper coins and the five emperors’ coins. If the situation is very serious, a pair of Unicorns will be used to stop the evil spirit

the family can’t eat three meals a day without the kitchen, so the Feng Shui function of the kitchen is naturally very important. Do you know everything about Feng Shui in kitchen windows? If you don’t know much about it, the above article introduction can certainly answer relevant questions for you. A good arrangement of windows can also create a good kitchen Feng Shui

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