Which direction is better for the stove in the kitchen

The kitchen should also be located on the three sides of the house. Because the stove is the source of human food, which is related to the health of the whole family and can not be despised. Feng Shui also believes that if the direction of the stove is opposite to that of the apartment, it is unlucky. What is orientation? The direction of the stove is the direction of the stove switch, and the direction of the apartment refers to the direction of the door of the apartment, not the direction of the bedroom window. This is the direction of Feng Shui, which is different from the direction in general people’s concept, so we must find out. If your house door is to the north and the stove is to the south, you have committed the taboo of carrying the house in the opposite direction, which is unfavorable to family luck

the stove in the kitchen should not be too close to the water. In addition, a buffer zone should be left between the stove and the washing basin, especially to avoid two water and one fire. For example, if the stove is sandwiched between the washing basin and the washing machine, two grams of water and one fire will cause great waste and may be harmful to the health of the family

when decorating a new home, especially when arranging a stove, observe the facilities around the house. If there are wells or pumping motors and other equipment outside the kitchen, please don’t put the stove back to these equipment. The five elements of these equipment belong to water and the five elements of the stove belong to fire. There is a problem between water and fire. In addition, according to Chinese tradition ” Genealogy ” ; It is said that putting the stove back to the well, pumping motor and other equipment is bad for women at home

when arranging the bathroom, some people move the washing machine that can’t fit in the bathroom to the kitchen, and usually wash clothes in the kitchen for convenience. In fact, this is not good, because the ancients believed that the kitchen was the place of the kitchen king, which was very sacred. Washing unclean clothes in the kitchen would affect luck. So when washing clothes, be sure to move the washing machine outside the kitchen

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