Can kitchen Feng Shui affect health

Many people don’t pay much attention to the geomantic omen in the kitchen, because they think the kitchen is so small and won’t have any impact on people. In fact, the geomantic omen in the kitchen can affect people’s health

① importance of kitchen Feng Shui to health: ” Small Feng Shui in the kitchen, big health problems ” ; ” Small ” ; It only refers to the small area. In fact, the role of kitchen Feng Shui in the whole home feng shui is not small at all

the kitchen is the place where food is processed. The food of the whole family, old and young, comes from this. If the Feng Shui there is poor, the health of the family will be damaged and the house will be restless. Since ancient times, there have been ” Three ” ” mdash;” mdash;” Door” Main” Stove ” , It refers to the gate, the master’s room and the kitchen. This ” Three ” ; Therefore, Feng Shui has a decisive influence on the kitchen

② how to judge the good and bad luck of kitchen Feng Shui: the location of the kitchen should be in the good position of the whole home. The specific quality depends on the location, the location of the stove and the overall analysis based on the mutual generation and mutual restriction of the five elements

③ several kitchen Feng Shui that will affect health:

first, direct with the door: if the stove is facing the door and forms a straight line, it is that the door is directly facing the stove, which is easy to absorb the pollution outside the door and is harmful to the health of the family

Second, facing the toilet: the kitchen is a place for processing food. We should pay attention to hygiene and be careful that diseases enter through the mouth and damage our health. The toilet contains a lot of dirt and bacteria, so it should not be adjacent to the toilet. In particular, the furnace mouth shall not be opposite to the toilet

Third, close to the bedroom: the stove is hot, and the oil smoke generated during frying is not suitable for the human body. Therefore, the stove is facing the door, which is not good, and it is not suitable to be close to the bedroom

the so-called stove mouth originally refers to the material inlet of the stove. In terms of modern gas stove, it refers to the gas inlet, which is located behind the ignition switch. The furnace mouth should be as close to the vitality of the host or hostess as possible

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