Taboo of home decoration color

When husband and wife get along under the same roof, they should first learn to get along well and treat each other with a peaceful heart. Only in this way can the marriage last long. In the space where couples live, it is very important to create a peaceful atmosphere. First of all, we should pay attention to the color layout of the home. Some couples, especially young people, always like to decorate the home with bright colors. If the colors are warm, such as red, green and purple, they will stimulate the eyes

from the perspective of color psychology, this can stimulate people’s energy and lust. Although it is in line with the passion psychology of young couples, bright colors can also make people feel unstable. When you encounter some unpleasant things, you will be very impulsive, so that anger will burn and quarrel will break out

to maintain a harmonious relationship, we should first pay attention to the color of the couple’s home. The theme color of home has a great impact on people’s mood. Once the color is wrongly used, it will bring you some unnecessary trouble. In particular, the character of husband and wife or one of them is stronger and more likely to be at odds. Therefore, the color of home should be peaceful. There are two main colors that can make people feel peaceful. One is sky blue and the other is emerald green

first, sky blue

sky blue and emerald green are the two most common colors in nature. They are also the most pleasing colors and can calm people’s emotions at the same time. Raise your head and look at the sky. Under the clear sky, the sky is blue and looks transparent and bright. It is said that the pharmacist Buddha mentioned in Mahayana Buddhism lives in the glazed light world, which is sky blue. This color has the effect of healing body and mind

II. emerald green

throw yourself into nature alone. Look at the emerald green of the mountains and forests, and the trees, flowers and plants are mainly green. When we are upset, upset and irritable, we go to nature and don’t want anything here. Just look at the emerald flowers and trees in front of us, and we can get the effect of calming our emotions

therefore, sky blue or emerald green is most suitable as the theme color of the house in the small world of husband and wife’s home. Stick these two colors of wallpaper on the wall. Or apply a layer of paint of these two colors, or choose to hang wall paintings of blue sky and blue sea or trees on the wall, which can reduce the number of quarrels between men and women and make family life more harmonious

a house where men and women live together can turn it into heaven or hell. If you can use the appropriate color Feng Shui, at least it can make the home more like heaven

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