Correctly place potted plants

People like to say that dogs are good friends of mankind. This sentence shows that human beings not only make friends with each other, but also are willing to make friends with other living species. By extension, we can also say that plants are also good friends of human beings

but if you don’t take care of it carefully, dogs can also make people get rabies; Similarly, if the plants in the house are not well taken care of and placed in place, they may also become bad friends. In daily life, we can also see some inappropriate ways to place plants, such as planting flowers on the viewing balcony of our residence; Put orange trees in the living room; Grow roses in the bedroom; Put a fortune tree in the office. Therefore, we should remind our friends to be careful when placing house potted plants. Here’s an example to explain to you:

Xiao Hu has just been transferred to a subordinate company by the head office to be the Department Manager. Her colleagues sent her a lot of potted plants to congratulate her. In addition to placing a few potted plants in the company’s office, she also placed a few pots at home, hoping to use these potted plants for transportation. But a month later, the luck not only did not rise, but also declined. Do you know what caused this? In fact, it’s very simple, that is, Xiao Hu ignores some taboos of potting:

I. variety

first, we should pay attention to the variety of potted plants. Generally, the wide leaf plants are the most suitable. Do not choose climbing rattan plants and thorny plants, such as morning glory, cactus, cactus, etc. If you don’t pay attention, you may make a villain or quarrel with others. However, if you put some Kaiyun potted plants, they will bring you good luck, such as orchids, transfer bamboo, fortune tree, dripping Guanyin, etc. they are all good Kaiyun potted plants

maybe someone will ask, can roses with thorns be placed at home? The answer is: caution is appropriate. Potted plants with thorns, such as colorful roses, ornamental Phoenix pear flowers, African tulips, roses, etc., are usually the best potted plants for blessing the workplace and flourishing peach blossoms. However, if you receive an odd number of roses or roses with thorns, I’m afraid you’ll not only lose fate, but also fall into the situation of flying alone

II. Fragrance

in addition to the varieties of plants, we should also pay attention to the fragrance of potted plants. The fragrance of some flowers and plants is too strong, which will make people uncomfortable and even produce adverse reactions. For example, tulips, evening primrose and five colored plum are not suitable to be placed in the room

III. location

pay attention to the placement of potted plants. Potted plants are usually placed on one side of the living room and a small amount in the study, but it is best not to put them in the bedroom, because the five elements of plants are negative. If they are placed in the bedroom, Yin Qi will be increased, which is not conducive to the rest of residents

in addition, do not put the potted plants in a straight line with the kitchen, because the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, which is easy to make the potted plants wither and yellow

if you pay attention to it, you’d better be able to decide the placement of potted plants according to your five elements of life. For example, if you have five elements of wood, you should place the potted plants in the due east of the house. It should be noted that plants should not be placed in a single plant, because it is easy to form a ” Sleepy ” ; It is inappropriate to put a tree in the house

IV. color

according to Feng Shui, red represents happiness, enthusiasm, bold and enterprising, and the main official spirit; Yellow has always been used to represent wealth and advocate wealth; White Lord ward off evil spirits. Therefore, yellow and red are the most attractive colors of wealth. If you want more wealth, you might as well choose yellow flowers such as sea taro, poached flower, Oncidium, tiger head orchid and so on. Red plants like Flamingo and red bamboo, if placed in the wealth position on the opposite corner of the entry, have excellent wealth recruitment effect. Other colors such as pink, gold and purple are also very popular

v. pots and accessories add happiness

in addition to the plant itself, a basin coordinated with the environment, or happy ornaments decorated on plants, are also objects that can attract good luck. They can be matched with plants, space and transportation needs, such as classical ceramic porcelain with drawing and lettering. They are common transportation pots. You might as well choose gold, red and other ornaments representing masculinity, which can make green plants happy, red and green complement each other, and have the meaning of harmony between yin and Yang

friends who like to plant flowers and plants at home may as well change their favorite flowers and plants to another place, which not only does not affect the beauty, but also plays a certain role in Feng Shui. It can be said that killing two birds with one stone, while cultivating sentiment and pushing the luck of Feng Shui at home to a climax. Why not? Rearrange the flowers and plants in your house correctly, let them give full play to their internal charm and add a different color to our life

VI. pruning and care

pay attention to pruning and caring for potted plants. Plant flowers wither or leaves become yellow due to lack of water, which should be trimmed in time

when the potted plants are brought back, be careful not to remove the red ribbon on them. For example: kumquat, fortune tree, money tree, dripping Guanyin and other adult plants, sellers usually hang red ribbons on them. Others hang ” Blessing” Send ” ; It means that the person who receives it will get promoted and get rich and do a lot of good things. However, some friends will think it looks very tacky and often remove the red ribbon and words. As a result, potted plants have less red warm yang flavor, leading to the rise of yin and the decline of Yang. In this way, they will not only lose their wealth, but also lose their wealth

in addition, it should be noted that some potted plants can cause allergic reactions. Like jade lilac, five colored plum, Chinese rose, geranium, hydrangea, Bauhinia, etc., when people touch and touch them, they often make people allergic to skin, and even rash, which makes people itchy and unbearable. These plants should be placed carefully

finally, avoid choosing poisonous flowers and plants, such as oleander, Mimosa, poinsettia, yellow azalea and champion red. The following are some plants with carcinogenic factors. Please pay attention to them: Croton, Croton, Croton, red backed osmanthus, cocktails, jatropha multiflora, stone millet, variable leaf wood, fine leaf variable leaf wood, pig plague, yellow hair tofu wood, Forsythia suspensa, tung tree, tung tree, fire plague, Lysimachia christinae, red bud Euphorbia, Shegan, Sapium sebiferum, Sapium sebiferum, round leaf Sapium sebiferum, chamaejasme venom, Daphne genkwa, laige king, iris, silver powder back fern Clematis flavescens, sammu, golden fruit olive, Datura stramonium, bee waist banyan, Kirin crown, cat’s eye grass, red Impatiens, scissor strand, hard pod tree, broad-leaved kiwi fruit, Hainan Trichosanthes, bitter almond, alpine snow, Begonia, qiangen grass, Zeqi, kansui, Suizi, jiexiangtu aloes, fine axis genkwa, three shuttle, cardinal coral, genkwa, Achyranthes bidentata

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