Balcony Feng Shui layout

Balcony also symbolizes personal career stage in Feng Shui. Due to the limitation of living conditions, balcony has always played a secondary role in the house. In many families, the balcony is just a place for stacking sundries and washing and drying clothes. But in fact, as an important space for the communication between the house and the outside world, the balcony is an important channel for the house to receive gas. It represents the second face of a family, which can not be ignored

with the continuous improvement of modern living standards, many buildings have well distinguished the viewing balcony from the working balcony. Coupled with the emergence of floor glass windows, the balcony has become a part of indoor space

even so, many people still like to pile up sundries and place washing machines on the balcony because of the habit they have developed for a long time. This will not only make the balcony messy and disorderly, but also destroy the good feng shui of the balcony and affect the beauty and comfort of the family

therefore, do not pile up sundries on the balcony, but also clean it frequently to keep it clean and refreshing. To keep the balcony neat and clean, and properly beautify it, in addition to the normal maintenance on weekdays, there are some tips to help you

I. selection of materials

in the selection of construction materials, we should try to reduce the use of artificial and reflective materials, such as porcelain chips, strip bricks, etc. Because this kind of material has some common shortcomings, that is, the pattern is single and boring, which gives people a cold feeling, makes people feel uncomfortable, and also destroys the Yang of the balcony

therefore, when selecting materials, we can first consider selecting some pure natural materials, which can integrate the balcony with the outdoor environment, such as natural stones that are not polished, including rubble slate, burnt stone, pebbles, stone meters, etc. Using these natural materials can not only make the balcony look clean and tidy, but also give people a warm atmosphere

II. set up small lockers

if it is a living balcony close to the kitchen, you can use one corner of the balcony to build a small locker to store some vegetables and infrequently used items. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the locker is a place where Yin gathers and can be regarded as a place to collect Yin Qi. With its existence, it can virtually make the balcony more tidy and organized, and add vitality to the house

III. place foldable tables and chairs

if it is a balcony for rest and catering, a small number of tables and chairs can be placed on the balcony, but they must be foldable, so that they can be folded and picked up when not in use, so as to avoid occupying too much space on the balcony and making the balcony look messy

in addition, in midsummer, in order to prevent being exposed to strong sunlight when resting on the balcony, some strong textiles or bamboo curtains and curtains can also be used to make a sunshade, which not only has the effect of decoration and beautification, but also plays the role of shielding the wind and rain, and can effectively prevent the invasion of external air on the balcony

IV. small garden at home

the balcony can also be a green place at home. You can build your balcony into a small garden space. Plants have many functions, such as purifying the environment, removing toxic gases, absorbing noise, adjusting humidity and releasing oxygen. If you can use plants to beautify the balcony, it will not only add vibrant scenery to the house, but also the best opportunity to get close to nature. In this way, people will naturally become optimistic and cheerful, adding some essential vitality to home life

v. the balcony side wall should also be used

the balcony side wall is also a key point of beautifying and cleaning the balcony. For example:

1 Some meaningful ceramic wall hanging, hanging plate and other decorations can be neatly hung on the side wall; The side wall can also be made into a Bogu frame for placing decorative objects

  2. Some can also hang exquisite woven fabrics made of wood, grass, reed, brown, hemp and other materials on the original smooth and elegant side wall

this arrangement not only adds interest to life, but also makes the layout of the balcony clean and elegant. As long as you think carefully, do it seriously, and practice in person without trouble, you will create a clean and excellent balcony of Feng Shui

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