Balcony should not be closed

More and more people can enjoy the sunshine outside the living room or the balcony of the living room. Now, more and more people can enjoy the sunshine outside the living room

however, many families like to close the supporting balcony of the house with brick or glass. On the surface, the closed balcony not only expands the practical area of the whole house, but also helps to block the dust and dirt outside, and may have a better anti-theft effect

however, this is a typical practice of losing money for small things, which not only closes the door of the house, but also is harmful to human health

I. can not keep the indoor air fresh

after the balcony is closed, it will cause poor indoor ventilation. one side. Because the outdoor and indoor air can not be well circulated and exchanged, the indoor air can not be kept fresh, and the oxygen content will also decrease

on the other hand, the breathing, coughing and perspiration of family members in the house will cause pollution. In addition, many harmful substances emitted during the use of stoves, pots, water heaters and other items will be trapped in the house because the balcony is closed. Living in such a house for a long time is prone to nausea, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms

II. it is not conducive to outdoor ultraviolet radiation

ultraviolet radiation in the sun can effectively reduce the density of indoor pathogenic bacteria. For a healthy person, he can not only enjoy the sunshine, but also inspire his spirit and maintain a good mental state from time to time. The closed balcony will reduce the exposure of indoor sunlight to a great extent, which is easy to cause the proliferation of bacteria in the room

therefore, the balcony should not be closed. However, we should pay attention not to over correct. Don’t choose the hollow balcony shape just to pursue good ventilation and lighting effect on the balcony

nowadays, in order to expand the business opportunities of real estate, many real estate developers often use hollowed out balconies to express the so-called European style in spite of the traditional feng shui principles, so as to increase the selling points of houses

the biggest advantage of hollowed out balcony is that it is conducive to indoor ventilation and daylighting. However, this kind of balcony has some disadvantages in the overall pattern. The hollowed out balcony is a violation of Feng Shui ” Subknee void ” ; The taboo of living inside may not feel much, but when others look at the balcony from outside the house, they can easily see below the knees of the people in the house, which not only leads to no privacy of the homeowner, but also is very bad for the psychological health of the residents. Therefore, in the modeling of the balcony, we should not only avoid the fully enclosed wall structure, but also avoid the use of openwork railings with concise modeling, so that the whole balcony presents a hollow form

in order to achieve the effect of both, the best way is: the lower third of the balcony is a solid cement wall, while the upper two-thirds are glass windows, which should be opened frequently. In this way, not only will there be no ” Subknee void ” ; The disadvantages of ” Closed the door of receiving Qi ” , It has a bad impact on the feng shui of the house. Only this kind of transparent balcony with wide vision is beautiful and in line with the way of Feng Shui

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