Home feng shui decoration mainly has several notes

Every step is wrong, so is life and Feng Shui. As long as you make a mistake in Feng Shui at home, you are likely to form a very poor Feng Shui aura, and these extremely poor Feng Shui auras will threaten the fortune of your family and affect the development of home luck

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the stairs are facing the gate

in some small villas, duplex buildings, or self built houses in rural areas, the stairs are indispensable and important roles. The existence of stairs is not only to link up and down the stairs, but also to flow up and down the stairs. As an important channel in the home, the stairs also have a great impact on the home, so when decorating, You also need to pay attention to the feng shui of the stairs. Feng Shui believes that the stairs should not face the gate. When the stairs face the gate, the gas field of the stairs is easy to collide with the gas field of the gate. It is very unlucky for the stairs to face the gas port, which also damages the home gas field and affects the home gas gathering. It can be seen that this pattern is not good in Feng Shui, so we have to pay attention to it when decorating

the ceiling design is too low

the height of ceiling decoration design also needs to be paid attention to. However, in life, many people will directly ignore the feng shui of ceiling height, and do not know that the feng shui of the original ceiling also has so much attention. According to Feng Shui, the design of the ceiling should not be too low. If the height of the ceiling is too low, the feng shui of the whole house will become very poor, because when the flower board is too low that day, a sense of oppression will be formed in the five elements. The family is in an atmosphere of oppression for a long time, not only the mood is depressed, but also the mood will be affected. In this way, the family is clear, unstable and negative, How can life be satisfactory

the location of the toilet is too conspicuous

in the home, the location of the toilet should not be designed in a too conspicuous place. If the toilet is arranged in a too conspicuous place, I’m afraid it will damage the Feng Shui of the home. You should know that the toilet is a place with heavy filth and Yin. The toilet has accumulated a lot of filth and bacteria for many years. It is recognized as the place where dirt is hidden. If the toilet is located in a prominent position, it will only cause these filth to affect the feng shui of the home; It is not conducive to the image of the guests, and it will not affect the atmosphere of the home. Moreover, the toilet is a place with high privacy density and paying attention to privacy, so the toilet should not be located in a too conspicuous position

in addition, the toilet can not face the door of the bedroom, the door of the study, the door of the kitchen, and the door of the home! Otherwise, it will have unimaginable consequences for family, health, wealth, career and fortune

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