Feng Shui matters for decoration of master bedroom toilet

Nowadays, many houses will have a small bathroom in the master bedroom. Such a suite is designed to make our life more convenient. However, if the bedroom is equipped with a bathroom, we have to pay attention to the Feng Shui related to the bathroom when decorating

pay attention to the exhaust in the bathroom

the bathroom is a dirty place, and there are a lot of filth in the bathroom. Therefore, according to the stress of Feng Shui, the bathroom and the bedroom cannot be together, otherwise the filth in the bathroom will affect the Feng Shui in the bedroom, and once the Feng Shui gas field in the bedroom is affected by the filth, it will inevitably affect our sleep and health, So that our fortune is also very unstable! Therefore, if your master bedroom has a bathroom, then when decorating, you must pay attention to the exhaust of the bathroom. It is best to install an exhaust fan, and there must be windows in the bathroom, so as to ensure that the bathroom can have good ventilation and exhaust effect, and even if the foul air in the bathroom is discharged, it will not affect the feng shui of the bedroom! The impact of the bedroom on the bathroom can also be reduced

the bathroom cannot face the bed

since the bathroom is arranged in the bedroom, you must pay careful attention to the decoration, design, layout and orientation of the bathroom, because these may be related to the Fengshui city edge of the bedroom, but also to the health of the family and the smooth luck. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom in the bedroom must not be facing the bed. On the one hand, the Yin in the bathroom is too heavy. Facing the bed is easy to lead to dreamy and unstable sleep; Second, it is also because the moisture in the bathroom is too heavy. If the people in the bathroom face the bed and the moisture runs to the bed, it is easy to affect our health, resulting in some rheumatic diseases and pain at a young age, which will have a serious impact on our body. Therefore, in the decoration summary of bedroom and bathroom, we have to pay attention to this matter

color decoration of bathroom

if there is a bathroom in the bedroom, the color decoration Feng Shui of the bathroom must not be ignored. The color in the bathroom is closely related to the Feng Shui field in the bathroom, including the Feng Shui field in the bedroom. If the color in the bathroom is not used properly, it will inevitably damage the Feng Shui in the bathroom and the Feng Shui in the bedroom, and will also affect our health. Feng Shui believes that red and black should not be used in the decoration of the toilet. Red is the color with deep Yang and black is the color with heavy Yin. At home, red and black are too deep and should not be used in the toilet

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