The feng shui of the windows in the bathroom is exquisite

In some houses, toilets have no windows, just a small vent, while others have windows. Is there a window in the bathroom, then? What Feng Shui content should we pay attention to about the window of the bathroom

the main function of toilet in home feng shui is to hide filth and accept dirt, gather the filthy gas in the house here, and avoid the house from being invaded by filthy gas. At the same time, because the five elements of toilet are the main water and water is the main wealth, toilet Feng shui will also have a certain impact on the wealth of family members. Therefore, we must pay attention to the Feng Shui in the bathroom

would you mind opening a window in the bathroom? Feng Shui of the windows in the bathroom pays attention to

so how about opening windows in the bathroom

the toilet is the place where dirt is hidden in the house, so the filthy gas is relatively heavy. If there is a window, it can let the filthy gas out of the room, so as to avoid the adverse impact of the filthy gas entering the room on the indoor Feng Shui. The window of the house is also helpful for Feng Shui

however, if the geomantic omen of the window is not good, the geomantic effect may not be very good, so whether there is a window or not is not very important. The important thing is to see the geomantic omen of the window. Only when the geomantic omen of the window is good, can it be helpful to the geomantic omen of the house and the bathroom

pay attention to the feng shui of the toilet window

the window in the toilet should not be too large, otherwise the outflow from the window account will not only be dirty gas, but also discharge the wealth in the toilet out of the room, which is not conducive to the wind storage and gas accumulation effect of the toilet. In addition, it should be noted that the position of the window should not be behind the toilet, opposite to the toilet door, nor close to the faucet

therefore, although having windows is good for the feng shui of the bathroom, it will bring greater help to the feng shui of the house only when the feng shui of the windows is good

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