Feng Shui of toilet door in daily life

Speaking of Feng Shui, you may think of decoration, orientation, orientation and environment, but in fact, in addition to these, some living habits will also have an impact on Feng Shui. Here we will introduce the adverse effects of some bad habits in daily life on the toilet door or toilet Feng Shui, as well as the adverse problems on your own luck

toilet door Feng Shui problems that should be paid attention to in daily life

1. In daily life, the toilet door should not always be open. When it is not in use, it must be closed. In addition, it should be closed whenever you go to the toilet to take a bath and solve the problem, so as to avoid allowing the dirty gas in the toilet to enter the room and infect the indoor Feng Shui gas field. This is a kind of living habit. Maybe you don’t care much at ordinary times, but in fact, it has affected your life and fortune

2. Maybe many people spend a long time in the toilet, either reading magazines or playing mobile phones. They stay for a long time. In fact, this habit will also have a certain adverse impact on your luck. After all, the toilet is a place to hide dirt and accept dirt, and the filthy gas in it is heavy. Therefore, people who stay in it for too long will have a negative impact on their luck. In addition, there will be Yin Qi in the toilet, which will also affect their luck

3. The windows in the toilet should be opened frequently, which is conducive to discharging the dirty gas in the toilet and reducing the amount of indoor dirty gas. However, in this process, pay attention not to open the toilet door, otherwise it is easy to take gas from the window and take gas out of the toilet door. In this way, it will increase the total amount of indoor filthy gas and threaten and damage the fortune of the family

therefore, some habits in daily life will also affect the feng shui of the toilet and toilet door, so we must pay attention to these contents

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