What is the stress of Feng Shui in the entrance

Don’t underestimate the porch of the house. In Feng Shui, the porch is regarded as an important ” Bond ” ;. From a practical point of view, the first thing to see after opening the door is the porch, so if the porch is well decorated, it can leave a good impression. And through the porch, you can also avoid the shock between the door of the home and the windows and balconies in the living room. In a word, when you learn the basic knowledge of Feng Shui, you have to know something about the entrance Feng Shui

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the bottom is actually transparent

This refers to a skill that should be selected when decorating the porch. In short, the upper part close to the ceiling should be decorated in a transparent way, so as to ensure that the light at the door can be illuminated normally and will not be blocked by the porch. The lower part should be mainly made of solid materials to prevent the leakage of air transportation in the house from leading to the decline of wealth

pay attention to the height

although the height of the porch can be higher than that of the living room, this does not mean that the height of the porch can exceed two meters. If it is too high, it will inevitably affect Feng Shui, so that the Feng Shui and Qi flowing from the door are blocked and detained in the porch, and cannot flow smoothly into the living room. Similarly, the height of the entrance should not be too low. Otherwise, it will give people a very depressed feeling, which is not conducive to the circulation of Feng Shui

enough light

this is also one of the requirements for porch Feng Shui in the introduction of Feng Shui. It must be bright and tidy enough, and it must not be very gloomy. The porch is the ” The only way ” , If there is Yin and evil spirit, it will inevitably bring bad effects, which will not only lead to the decline of wealth, but also affect personal health

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