Bad feng shui in your house brings you bad luck

The influence of Feng Shui on each of us is very intuitive. When you walk into a house, if you feel a little uncomfortable, then there must be a problem with Feng Shui in the house. The relevant layout in the house directly affects the feng shui of the house. Today, let’s learn about some residential Feng Shui that will bring bad luck. We should pay attention to avoid it

the chandelier in the living room should pay attention to

the living room is one of the most important places in the whole house. The layout of the living room is naturally very important. Most people choose the chandelier when arranging the living room, so the shape of the chandelier also needs our attention. Generally speaking, we should try to choose simple and generous chandeliers, which also need to be selected according to the actual size of the living room. If some chandeliers with complex shapes are not suitable in the living room of ordinary people’s homes. Complex chandeliers will complicate the Feng Shui atmosphere in the living room, and will also bring some depressing feelings. Over time, it will destroy the residential Feng Shui, and the fortunes of the family will become bad. It is suggested that you should choose more chandeliers with simple shapes

aquarium placement

now more and more people like to raise some fish at home, so the aquarium will appear. The aquarium is usually placed in the living room, but some people will like to put it in the bedroom. In Feng Shui, I think that the fish tank is not very suitable to be placed in the bedroom, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui. Water in the fish tank belongs to something with heavy Yin and Yang. If it is placed in the bedroom, it will lead to the imbalance of Feng Shui Yin and Yang in the bedroom, which will not only affect people’s normal rest, but also easily attract villains and affect the development of people’s luck in all aspects. No matter what they do, it is difficult to go smoothly

bedroom area

bedroom is the place we stay most in a day, so the quality of bedroom feng shui will directly affect the development of each of us. Perhaps many people prefer a large bedroom, but if the area is too large, it is inappropriate. The room is too large, resulting in the inability to gather Qi. What Feng Shui pays attention to is to hide the wind and absorb the gas. If the bedroom cannot gather Qi, the feng shui of the bedroom will not be good. The bedroom is too big will also make people feel lonely, emotional instability will appear, and the performance in normal life is not good, which has a great impact on the bedroom owner

there are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom

electrical appliances will appear in our bedroom. In order to facilitate their daily use, it is inevitable that there will be too many electrical appliances. Feng Shui believes that the fewer electrical appliances in the bedroom, the better. Electrical appliances will produce radiation and magnetic field. If there are too many electrical appliances, the overall magnetic field in the bedroom will become bad, which will not only affect your health, but also consume your original good luck. Slowly, you will find that you are in bad luck, no matter what you do

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