What is the impact of iron windows on house transportation

There are many houses in the city. In order to guard against theft, a layer of iron windows are added outside the window or balcony as protection

first of all, from the perspective of Feng Shui, iron windows should not be set in houses with higher floors. Windows and balconies are very important air vents in the residence. Iron windows will separate the air fields in these two places, which is not conducive to the exchange of air flow and the flow of wealth and wealth

secondly, iron windows don’t feel very good, which will destroy people’s good mood of sightseeing on balconies or windows, and it is easy to cause mental tension after living for a long time. However, Feng Shui is a knowledge of change, and iron windows are not completely detrimental to Feng Shui. Iron windows in low rise buildings can protect the house from thieves, and the house can be stable only when it is safe. However, the iron window must not be too dense. Being too dense is like a cage, which will obviously hinder the development of fortune

in addition, the iron window set on the balcony should have a safety door, so that it is easy to escape in case of any emergency, and it can also improve the depression caused by the iron window image to a certain extent

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