How to choose the shape of the dining table

Now most people know that the best way to choose a table is to choose a round table, because the circle symbolizes family reunion, harmony and happiness. In fact, many people do not know the other important significance of the round table in restaurant Feng Shui. Some people still choose other shapes of tables and ignore the importance of restaurant Feng Shui. What kind of benefits will Feng Shui appropriate table modeling bring to family relations and emotional communication? And other shapes of the table will give family life how you can not imagine the impact

from the main difference, the dining table can be divided into ” Shape ” ; And ” Quality ” ; Two major items” Shape ” ; Refers to the shape of the dining table, ” Quality ” ; It refers to the materials used in the dining table. When choosing a table, you might as well first understand the relationship between the table and Feng Shui

  1. Oval: in a family with an oval table, members of the family can easily combine factions or split into a competing force. It’s best not to use it, especially in large families

  2. Square: square dining tables are rarely used by people, and some may be combined for other special purposes, such as mahjong table and dining table. In a family with a square dining table, it is easy for members to have a conflict of opposition and intrigue, and there will be the phenomenon of their own practice and harbouring ghosts. Moreover, the square can only accommodate four people, which will bring a feeling of desolation and loneliness

  3. Rectangle: the rectangular dining table is mostly used by families with rich or above, or it may be used due to the limitation of the dining room area in the house. No matter what the reason is, families with rectangular tables are easy to distinguish between host and guest, that is to say, the position of the head of the family will be more prominent and obvious. In terms of emotional communication and communication, it is also easy to appear a phenomenon of guidance or command

  4. Polygon or unequal side shape: this can only be used in some special accommodation to the area of the house, which can also be said to be extremely rare. Families with tables of this shape will have erratic things, and everyone in the family will gather and disperse indefinitely, not united, and even prone to schizophrenia

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