How about an open kitchen with feng shui knowledge

Open kitchen is loved by more and more people in today’s life. People like to decorate it into an open kitchen, because it is more fashionable and beautiful, more beautiful and convenient for daily use. However, open kitchen is different from traditional kitchen. Although there are many Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to, many people think that open kitchen will leak money, In the end, is the open kitchen good in Feng Shui? For this reason, Fstips has sorted out relevant articles. Let’s see what they say

I. the furnace platform shall be located as close to the wall on the left as possible

according to the ” There is a back ” ; The basic principle is that the stove should not be left helpless behind. Some families like to build the stove alone in the middle of the house for convenience, which is actually very bad

II. No bar

from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to set up a bar indoors unless fate likes water. Because the bar will naturally be equipped with some drinks, and water means wealth, according to ” Wealth is not exposed ” ; According to the principle of Feng Shui, it’s best not to set up a bar

III. whether the open Feng Shui in the kitchen is good

1. The flame is unstable and harmful to health

the open kitchen is much more affected by the air flow in other functional areas than the independent kitchen. Affected by this, the flame on the stove will inevitably be unstable. This implies that feng shui will have an adverse impact on the health of residents

2. Open kitchen does not gather gas

the saying that the room is too large and too small does not gather gas also applies to the kitchen. Non gathering gas means that it is difficult to accumulate wealth and popularity

3. The open kitchen can be easily accessible. The limited space of the kitchenette determines that these items can only be placed inside the cabinet, which is very troublesome. You might as well use a trolley with cabinets to solve this problem. Set the flat plate on the top of the trolley as a temporary console, and push it back into the cabinet after use

IV. what’s particular about Feng Shui in open kitchen

the open kitchen is much more affected by the airflow in other functional areas than the independent kitchen. The flame on the stove will be unstable and affect the health of residents

the open kitchen can broaden the doorway as much as possible to make the kitchen have as much contact with other areas in the home as possible

V. It is easy to leak wealth

the role of the kitchen itself is wealth, which depends on the closed Feng Shui circulation. Now it has become an open kitchen, and all the accumulated gas flows out, which can not form a strong smell of wealth. Moreover, if the stove or pool is close to the window, it is easy to leak wealth, and because of the open style, it may be invaded by evil Qi, which will further crack down on the accumulation of wealth, Therefore, from the above points of view, Feng Shui in open kitchen can be described as twists and turns, with many problems

the open kitchen seems to have become a decoration style of today’s mainstream kitchen, because the open kitchen is deeply loved by young people, but even if we like the open kitchen and want to decorate the home kitchen into an open one, we have to understand some feng shui knowledge about the open kitchen in advance

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