How to install and place the bathtub

In addition to the toilet, the bathtub also occupies an important position in the decoration of the bathroom

some people like to build a basin platform in the bathroom. The basin platform is usually one or two steps higher than the ground, and then the bathtub is embedded in the basin platform. This pattern looks really beautiful, but if you analyze the problem from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is recommended that you had better not adopt this seemingly beautiful pattern in the bathroom attached to the bedroom

according to the principle of traditional Feng Shui in China, the floor of the bathroom should not be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub should not give people a feeling of being high. The five elements theory holds that water flows downward and belongs to the Runxia grid. Living in this water moistened bedroom for a long time is prone to diseases of the endocrine system. Therefore, if you like such an embedded bathtub very much, you can place it in another bathroom far away from the bedroom

some green plants suitable for Feng Shui can be placed in the bathroom with windows, which can not only ease the indoor atmosphere on Feng Shui, but also bring vitality to the whole house. However, because the humidity in the bathroom is relatively large and the temperature difference between cold and warm is also large, when choosing green plants, we must try to choose the kind of moisture resistant ornamental green plants to help absorb the pollution gas. For example, ferns, banyan, Pueraria, etc

of course, if the bathroom is spacious, bright and has air conditioning to control the temperature, you can also choose colorful plants such as pineapple, bamboo taro and Cymbidium to decorate the bathroom, which will make people feel more comfortable

in addition to the above, attention should also be paid to the placement of the following items in the bathroom: towels, toilet paper and other daily necessities should be placed as much as they should be used, and do not put them all in the bathroom; The toothbrush should not be placed in the mouthwash cup, but should be placed on a special toothbrush holder; It is not necessary to put the soap on the washing table, because it is more convenient to put the soap on the washing table, but it is not necessary to put the soap on the washing table, which can make the body and mind more fresh; The hair dryer belongs to fire and should be put into the cabinet after each use; Cleaning utensils should not be exposed outside the cabinet, because toilet utensils always have more or less foul gas and should be included in the cabinet

in a word, it is only suitable to place the minimum necessities in the bathroom, and all the sundries in the home should not be stacked in the bathroom

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