How to install and place the toilet in the bathroom

The humidity in the bathroom is heavy and easy to be dirty. For this point, Feng Shui believes that the ” Disorderly Qi ” , It’s bad luck for the house. Therefore, modern people should carefully place the facilities of toilet plastic surface

the most important thing for the placement of items in the bathroom is the placement of the toilet. If it is not properly placed, it is easy to lead to many irregularities. You must be extra careful about this

  1. It cannot be consistent with the direction of the gate. According to the principle of traditional Feng Shui, the direction of the toilet must not be consistent with the direction of the house door. For example, if the door of the house faces south, when the user sits on the toilet, if it also faces south, it will violate the taboo that the toilet faces the same direction as the door of the house

  2. It should not face the door of the toilet. The position of the toilet should not face the door of the toilet, that is, squatting on the toilet and raising your head just facing the door of the toilet. This looks very unsightly, which will not only affect the Feng Shui in the room, but also affect the mood of users. Therefore, it is best to sit the toilet vertically or staggered with the door of the bathroom

  3. The toilet cannot flush the bed in the open, but flush the stove in the dark. The open flush toilet bed is more likely to occur in the owner’s bedroom, because now many owners’ bedrooms are equipped with toilets. If the toilet is placed incorrectly, it is easy to flush the bedroom bed. At the same time, pay attention not to flush the stove. That is to say, although there are walls between the stove and the toilet, they cannot be set in opposite positions. If they are opposite, even if there are walls between them, It will also form a situation of secretly conflicting

  4. The toilet cannot be set at ” Four main lines; And ” Four corner line ” ; Come on

  5. The toilet should be against the wall. The principle of placing the toilet is to lean against the wall. If the toilet is installed in the middle of the toilet in isolation, it will destroy the overall sense of space of the toilet and the harmony of the indoor air field, and bring a lot of inconvenience to life

  6. The toilet should not face south. If the bathroom in your home has a large area, you can put the toilet in a position that you can’t see from the door. For example, hide it behind a low wall, screen or curtain. Of course, implement ” Hide ” ; At the same time, make sure you can’t see it from any mirror

however, in general buildings, the sewage outlet of the toilet has been positioned during construction, so it is not easy to change during decoration. If you must change the orientation of the toilet, you must pay attention to the slope of the sewage pipe in the process of change to avoid blockage

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