How to crack the stove when you come in

The stove is a major protagonist in the kitchen. Like the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom and the desk in the study, the stove in the kitchen belongs to the ” Protagonist ” , Therefore, it is very important to arrange them in what position, which is worth explaining to you

as we mentioned earlier, the kitchen door cannot be opposite to the door. If the kitchen door not only forms a straight line opposite to the door, but also puts the stove on this straight line and stands opposite the door, when opening the door, the stove will be directly impacted by external air, which is very unlucky

in fact, as soon as you enter the door, you can see the stove in the kitchen. Whether it is directly opposite or slightly inclined, it is the so-called ” Open the door to the stove ” ; Within the scope of, it will also cause various problems in family transportation

so, how should we resolve it? The best policy is to change the opening of the kitchen door so that a direct connection cannot be formed between the door and the stove; The best policy (and the simplest way) is to place a screen or large furniture on the straight line connecting the gate, kitchen door and stove to cut off the passage

if the door cannot be changed because the internal structure of the house has become a foregone conclusion, and it is inconvenient to place the screen or furniture due to the influence of the house area, the only way is to close the kitchen door all day. However, the kitchen also has its special contribution in driving the air flow of the public house. If it is closed all day, it will cause the house ” Blood stasis ” , So closing the door is the worst policy

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