Which location in the home is suitable for setting up the kitchen

In the home, there are different functional zones and room settings, because the pattern of each family will be somewhat different, so the location of the room is also different. So taking the kitchen as an example, what should be set at home? From the perspective of Feng Shui, what Feng Shui is particular about the orientation of the kitchen? Now let’s take a look at what needs attention

1. The most suitable orientation for the kitchen: due east, Southeast

East, there has always been ” Purple comes from the East ” ; The moral of ” Purple gas, That is, auspicious Qi and wealth Qi. The kitchen is located in the East, which can introduce wealth Qi and fill the kitchen ” Treasury ” ;. In addition, on the five elements, the East is the seismic hexagram in the eight trigrams. The five elements belong to wood, while the kitchen five elements belong to fire, which is an image of wood and fire. It is especially suitable for setting up kitchens or restaurants in this direction, which is conducive to the wealth and health of the family. And the East is the direction of sunrise. Appropriate solar energy can also ensure the dryness of the kitchen and reduce dampness, which is conducive to the health of residents. In the southeast is the sun hexagram in the eight trigrams, and the five elements are also wood. Similarly, it is particularly suitable for placing the kitchen in this position

2. The kitchen should not be in the northwest

among the five elements of Feng Shui, and the northwest is equal to the five elements of the kitchen. The five elements in the northwest belong to gold, while the five elements in the kitchen belong to fire. If it is set in the northwest, it will look like gold and fire fighting, ” Fire conquers gold and is easy to control your heart ” ;. This layout also forms the ” Feng Shui; Fire the Tianmen gate ” ; Pattern, where ” Fire ” ; For the kitchen, representing the hostess of the home” Tianmen ” ; It refers to the northwest and represents the male master of the family. Such a layout will not only lead to financial ruin, but also cause marriage crisis. At the same time, it is not conducive to the health of the male host and is prone to lung and heart diseases. Therefore, it is best to keep the kitchen away from the northwest of the house

3. The kitchen should not be in the South

the south is the rosefinch position. The five elements belong to fire, and the kitchen itself belongs to fire. If the kitchen is set in the south, adding fire to the fire is extremely harmful to the health of residents, which is prone to fire, irritability and emotional instability. In addition, the southern sun is full-bodied and the food is easy to decay. It is a symbol of wealth and bad luck

4. Auspicious orientation of the kitchen

the kitchen is where the food is cooked, so the five elements belong to fire

the kitchen is in the north of the house. The North belongs to water, so it is called water and fire, and the Lord’s family is safe

the kitchen is in the east or southeast of the house. The five elements in these two directions belong to wood, which is a pattern of bright wood fire. The main family is often supported by expensive people

the kitchen is in the northeast of the house, and the five elements in the Northeast belong to soil. It is called “fire and earth grow together”. This is the image of harmony. Fire is the middle Yin hexagram and earth is the Shaoyang hexagram. This is the theory of Yang and Yin matching and medium auspiciousness

the kitchen is in the south of the house. The South belongs to fire. This is a sign of excessive anger, which can only be regarded as a small auspicious remark

the kitchen is in the northwest or west of the house. The five elements in these two directions belong to gold, which is the image of fire and gold, and the main luck is repeated

the kitchen is in the southwest of the house. The five elements belong to the soil. The soil of the disease symbol can vent the gas of fire, and the owner’s family is sick

the kitchen is in charge of the family’s healthy diet in Feng Shui, so we must pay more attention to it. Most of the time, people determine the orientation of the kitchen according to practicability or living habits, but we can’t ignore the stress on Feng Shui. It’s best to understand the relevant feng shui knowledge before determining the orientation of the kitchen

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