Why should the bathroom be dry and ventilated

Follow ” Genealogy ” ; In my opinion, there must be windows in the bathroom. It is best to have sufficient sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple. Let the turbid gas in the bathroom be discharged more easily and keep the air fresh. If it is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment, it must be harmful to the health of the family. The use of some air fresheners only changes the taste of the air and has no improvement on the quality of the air

the toilet must be kept dry, pay attention to dehumidification and ventilation, and it is best to open a high window to make it sunny and airy. If it is closed and poorly ventilated, it will be harmful to the family. If there is no window in the toilet, an exhaust fan must be installed to remove the waste gas

there is a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, and the bubbles produced by it have two functions: one is to impact the body to produce massage effect, which can promote blood circulation, help muscle movement and eliminate fatigue; Second, it will produce negative oxygen ions, which can freshen indoor air and be beneficial to health. For the plants in the bathroom, due to the high humidity and large temperature difference between cold and warm in the bathroom, pay attention to the selection of green plants. Potted decoration can add natural interest

cultivate ornamental green plants with moisture resistance, which can absorb pollution gas, so it is suitable for ferns, banyan, Pueraria, etc. Of course, if the bathroom is spacious, bright and air-conditioned, you can cultivate colorful plants such as pineapple, bamboo taro and Cymbidium, decorate the bathroom like a mini garden, and let people enjoy the fun of excretion and flushing more wantonly

the bathroom must have windows with external ventilation, so that people will not feel depressed and suffocated inside

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