How to identify the fiscal position and the bright money position per feng shui rules and feng shui principle

Do you know how to identify the fiscal position and the bright money position per feng shui rules and feng shui principle?

No matter you have learned about feng shui or not. There is one word that most of people know. It is the fiscal position. The fiscal position is the best position in the room. But do you know how to identify the best position per feng shui rules. So today we will talk about how to identify the fiscal position. Before we start to introduce the fiscal position, there is one important definition of feng shui term which we need to know that is Luan Tou(峦头)or Mountain top. Per feng shui principle, Anything that can be seen by our eyes can be called as Luan Tou(峦头) or Mountain top. Bright money position is one of the fiscal positions. It can be seen by our eyes. Bright money position is referred as Qi Gathering place or motionless position in feng shui rules.
Now we had known the bright money position definition. So next step we will try to find the bright money position. There is one feng shui method to find the bright money position; it is called motion and motionless method. It is the key method which can help us to identify the bright money the house, some positions is full of motion and some place with motionless. Motion position means Qi(气-energy) is unstable.

feng shui rulesfeng shui rules
Motion area feng shui rules

For motionless position with stable Qi (气-energy). As you know, the area around doors is the motion place. We need come in or go out frequently. The place which is far away from motion place is the motionless so the motionless place is the place we want to find. It is the bright money place.

Motionless position feng shui
Motionless position
Motionless position

Now you can follow the same method to identify the motionless position bright money position.

There are some tips for bright money position. Follow below feng shui rules will get more wealth for you.

  • Place evergreen plant with earth (not water plant) in bright money position. Good choices are epipremnum aureum, rubber tree and pao-ferro. Do not place the cactus
feng shui plant
feng shui plant
  •  Bright money position is motionless area so those area with strong energy (Qi 气) . That area shall with bright warm light. If dark light will reduce the energy (气Qi)
  • Motionless position is good position for siting down. So we can place the sofa (living room), bed (bedroom) and canteen table (canteen room).
  • canteen feng shui
    • If you have one office room your office desk shall be placed in motionless area (Bright money position)
    office room feng shui
    office room feng shui
    • Bright money position of bed room. We spend 1/3 life time on sleeping so if we place the bed in bright money position. We will get good wealth.
    bedroom feng shui
    bedroom feng shui
  • Do not place to heavy furniture in motionless position. Such as large clothes closet
  • feng shui furniture
    feng shui furniture
  • Keep clean in motionless position (bright money position) and keep all the things in order. Opposite, if you place your bed or office desk in motion position. Your sleeping will be influenced. Your business will become unstable.
  • office feng shui
    office feng shui
    bedroom feng shui
    bedroom feng shui

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