Ideal bedroom sizes per feng shui

Gathering energy (Chi) is very important rule of feng shui. The body of human also has Chi energy field. Once the Chi energy losses and diffused, Man will get illness caused by negative factor of living environment. Many people likes large bedroom, but they find that it is hard to fall asleep. In fact, this situation may caused by Chi energy diffusion and lose. Because lager bedroom will need more energy Chi from body to get the harmony with bedroom. So the body needs to release more Chi energy to maintain the harmony between bedroom and body.

ideal bedroom sizes per feng shui
ideal bedroom sizes per feng shui

Yin-Yang Balance is another important rule of feng shui. Man’s body is Yang factor. The bedroom absorbs energy Chi from man, so bedroom or house is Yin factor. If the bedroom is too large with few people living in. in that case, Yin-Yang will not balance. Yin Chi energy will more than Yang Chi and Yin chi will erode body. In long term, man will lose the energy and health. Any negative factor in living environment will attack you without Chi energy protection.

Of course, too small bedroom also break the balance of Yin-Yang. Living in too small bedroom will make people feel depressed.

Modern feng shui principle believes that the best size of bedroom is from 107 to 215 ft2 (square). Of course if you want to place many furnitures and electronic devices, you shall need bigger one. But we strongly recommend you do not do that. Remember that bedroom is for sleeping. Here are some feng shui tips if you want to learn more.

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