Secret of Feng Shui precautions in kitchen design

There are many problems to be considered in the design of the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is different from other areas. The design of the kitchen also needs to take into account the daily use and applicability. Therefore, the design of the kitchen has always been a headache, but we must not only pay attention to the design style of the kitchen and the arrangement of some spaces. We must also understand the feng shui of the kitchen design, After all, Feng Shui is related to our fortune from beginning to end. What are the secrets of Feng Shui in kitchen design? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

first, the detail design is convenient to use

paying attention to the details may make the kitchen design more humanized. Besides planning the moving line, the decoration designer should pay attention to the small detail design, which will make the kitchen more comfortable to use

for example, the surrounding walls should be paved with light colored ceramic tiles from the ground to the top, which can be clean, bright and easy to clean. The ground can be paved with anti-skid materials, and the vegetable washing pool should be embedded in the pot table plate. The height of the pot table is generally 650mm-700mm and the width is 450mm-500mm. The bottom of the cabinet shall be 50mm-60mm higher than the ground to prevent water and moisture; The cabinet is divided into two layers, which can put stove. The front of the cabinet is closed with aluminum alloy or wood fan to prevent dust from entering. A foldable chair is installed under the cooking table, which can be put away when not in use, which can reduce the hard work of standing for a long time, etc

II. Selection of cabinets

the color of the overall cabinet is also quite exquisite to match the five behaviors of the owner

the five elements belong to wood, so the God of food is fire, so the color of cabinet door should be orange; The five elements belong to wood, and the God of food is gold. Silver white or gold cabinets should be selected; If the five elements belong to fire, the God of food belongs to earth. The overall cabinet should be yellow or brown; If the five elements belong to gold, the God of food belongs to water. It is appropriate to buy a blue or black overall cabinet; The green cabinet belongs to water, and the whole cabinet belongs to water. According to the five elements of the master’s life, get the color of the five elements of the God of food, and then choose the color of the cabinet that is most suitable for your home

III. the kitchen door should not be opposite to the bedroom door

the bedroom is a place for sleep and rest, which needs harmony, safety and tranquility. The kitchen faces the bedroom door. Due to air convection, the cooking fume, hot gas and all kinds of harmful gases generated during combustion in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, destroy the cleanliness of the bedroom air and cause the owner’s irritability. There is a hidden danger of fire in the kitchen, especially gas leakage. Therefore, the bedroom should be far away from the kitchen, which will appear relatively safe. When the residential layout has to face the kitchen door and bedroom door, first of all, efforts should be made to increase the distance between the kitchen door and the bedroom. At the same time, the bedroom door should be closed frequently, especially when cooking, we should pay more attention to closing the bedroom and kitchen door at the same time

IV. the kitchen door and gate should not face

Feng Shui of Yangzhai and say “three essentials of Yangzhai”: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , It will damage the health of the hostess, and it is difficult to gather money at home. If you encounter such a pattern, the way to avoid is to fine tune the direction of the kitchen door

v. spatial layout of the kitchen

in the overall layout, take the door of the kitchen door as the station face, and face the interior of the kitchen with ” Left high, right low, rear high, front low ” ; The kitchen appliances and wall cabinets in the space are placed according to the standard of. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the green dragon position on the left to control wealth; The back position is the Xuanwu position, which is in charge of health. Therefore, items such as stove should be placed in the left or back position as far as possible, so as to bring wealth and health to the family. As for the overall cabinet or disinfection cabinet, range hood, etc., they should also be placed around the stove accordingly, which is conducive to the design of kitchen Feng Shui layout. Therefore, for the layout of the cabinet, you can choose the overall cabinet with L-shaped design and the overall cabinet with U-shaped design

VI. reasonable moving line cooking is not tired

when designing the kitchen, the primary consideration is to plan a reasonable moving line, that is, the walking line during cooking. Although many kitchens don’t have much space, if the moving line between the refrigerator, vegetable washing basin and stove is unreasonable, even making a regular meal will be very tired. According to the order of refrigerator, sink and stove, the most convenient moving line is formed to achieve the effect of storage, cleaning and cooking at one go

at the same time, refrigerator, sink and stove ” Working triangle ” ; The total length of the three sides should be no more than 6.6 meters. In addition, for safety reasons, electrical appliances are best kept away from the sink. Secondly, the sink is best located under the windowsill, with sufficient light, there will be no depression when cooking, and you can enjoy the scenery outside the window while cooking; In addition, the location of the stove must be arranged with oil fume with high suction, short distance of the air duct and less turns, so as to ensure that the kitchen is clean and tasteless

in life, many people pay less attention to Feng Shui in kitchen design, but in fact, Feng Shui is the key to our fortune. In the final analysis, Feng Shui is controlling our fortune development, and Feng Shui in kitchen is closely related to our wealth and health. How can we ignore it

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