How much do you know about Feng Shui before house decoration

Before the house decoration, people carefully designed the house, including the style of the house, including the use of every inch of the house, and planned and renovated it; However, while planning your house, you must also understand and pay attention to Feng Shui when designing your house; In that case, how much do you know about Feng Shui before house decoration? Let’s have a look

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selection of sofa

before decoration, people will buy furniture, such as sofa, TV cabinet, dining table, etc., and the purchase and selection of these furniture have to pay attention to relevant Feng Shui; Among them, the purchase and selection of sofa is the most important, because sofa is the core of the whole living room and the core of the whole home. Whether the sofa is selected well or not is related to the feng shui of the house. So important, how can we ignore it? In terms of color, the choice of sofa should not choose too dazzling and active colors such as red, orange and purple. After all, these colors are difficult to match from the perspective of matching. If they are not matched well, the whole home will appear abrupt; Secondly, from the perspective of Feng Shui, these colors are vigorous, which will not only bring tension and impetuous mood to the family, but also cause the family to be angry and unhappy. It can be seen that it is really inappropriate! Sofa can choose black, yellow, etc. these colors of sofa are more in line with Feng Shui! In addition, if you want to buy one set of sofa, do not buy half a set, or one and a half sets. You can’t use two sets of sofa. Why is one set used? This will affect the Feng Shui atmosphere of the house

arrangement of pattern

before decoration, we should pay attention to the design of the indoor pattern of the house. After all, how to arrange the pattern of the house and how to design the house are the key to the success or failure of Feng Shui and related to the quality of Feng Shui. Therefore, you must design the pattern of the house before decoration. Feng Shui believes that in the pattern of houses, there can be no pattern of toilets facing the kitchen, bedroom, dining table, study and door. Because the toilet is the most filthy place in the home. If it faces the above areas, it will have a bad impact! In addition, in the pattern of home furnishing, the emergence of chuanxinsha is prohibited, so under what circumstances will chuanxinsha be re selected? For example, the door in the home is opposite to the window; For example, the balcony in the home is opposite to the window; For example, the balcony in the home is opposite to the door; For example, the door in the home is opposite to the back door, which will cause piercing evil. The evil spirit of chuanxinsha will directly damage and destroy the Feng Shui gas field of the house, and also cause the loss of wealth, resulting in the inability of the home to store wind and gather gas. It can be seen that the pattern of chuanxinsha has to be paid attention to

the above is what we must pay attention to before home decoration. Whether it is the choice of furniture or the design of house pattern, we should make a good plan before decoration

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