Bedroom Feng Shui layout diagram

The size of the living room directly reflects the master’s cultivation and bearing. The bedroom is different. It’s your own private space. It doesn’t matter if it’s small. Therefore, when setting the bedroom, try not to make the master bedroom wider than the living room. Otherwise, the narrow living room will make people narrow-minded and leave the impression of being stingy. At the same time, due to the lack of space, it will reduce the opportunity of family reunion and affect family harmony. So when setting up the bedroom, it’s best to make the living room slightly larger than the bedroom. From the perspective of home feng shui, the living room represents male rights, the bedroom represents female rights, and the bedroom is a large passing hall, which shows that women are very strong and overwhelm men

generally speaking, the color of the bedroom must be soft, so that it is easy to fall asleep safely. Of course, different bedrooms have different color choices. The bedroom facing south is best to use gray and beige; The bedroom facing north can choose purple and light yellow; The bedroom facing east can choose light red or white; The bedroom facing west is best to use light blue or light green

the ideal bedroom not only needs careful layout, but also pays attention to Feng Shui, so as to ensure a good sleep. First of all, avoid the top pressing of the beam, otherwise it will bring a sense of depression and make people physically and mentally tired. Secondly, do not lean against the door at the head of the bed, otherwise it is easy to be disturbed by the outside world; Don’t put a goldfish tank above the bed, which will produce ” Shower water ” ; The evil spirit of; When sleeping, avoid looking at your head in the mirror, otherwise it will cause evil; The bed should be oriented from north to south to comply with the earth’s gravity, which is conducive to the adjustment of the human body’s magnetic field

finally, talk about the bedroom layout of single women” Leftover women ” ; It has become a common social phenomenon. Many single women pursue celibacy and are extremely disgusted with the pursuit of mediocre men. If you want to get rid of this rotten peach blossom, you can hang a peach wood sword on the north wall and don’t put plants such as roses and cactus in the room

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