The gate is facing the stairs, okay

the stairs are facing the gate, which is a taboo in Feng Shui. The reasons are as follows:

first, the stairs zigzag upward, and each step is a block, which is easy to cut off the ” Qi, Affect the fate of the building

secondly, the stairs directly facing the gate will form a road rush, which is very harmful to Feng Shui

finally, if the stairs go south, the strong sunshine in summer is easy to dazzle people, which is unfavorable to those who go up and down the stairs. If the stairs go north, the strong wind in winter will open the heating in the building, which is easy to make people catch a cold and unable to do things. In addition, this position is the main labor, which is easy to make people go out to work and cause urinary system diseases

if the stairs have been built, some methods can be used to resolve them. For example, a small staircase can be built to make the staircase turn a corner. You can also use screens or other decorations to hide the stairs, which can play a ” Gas isolation ” ; effect; You can also set up a sanitary room or storage room under the stairs, which can also protect Feng Shui

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