What’s the best way to hang porch decorative paintings

The entrance to the

residence is very important. The entrance decoration Fengshui is very important. The entrance refers to a region of the entrance to the door. But we should pay attention to Feng Shui. If the space between the living rooms is too high, it will cut off the essence of the door, and thus give people a sense of oppression. If it is too low, the impact stop function is not enough

porch decoration Feng Shui

porch decoration classification

① freestanding: generally, the porch is narrow and long, and the porch is the only way to the hall. A variety of decoration forms can be selected for treatment

② adjacent type: connected to the hall without obvious independent area. It can make its form unique or integrate with other room styles

③ inclusive style: the porch is contained in the entrance hall. With a little modification, it will become the highlight of the whole hall, which can not only separate, but also increase the decorative effect of the space

porch animal crafts decoration Feng Shui

modern houses are often subject to many restrictions if they are placed outside the house, but they can also protect the house in the porch and towards the gate

Zodiac rat ” mdash” mdash; Avoid horse Zodiac belongs to horse ” mdash” mdash; Avoid rats

Zodiac Cattle ” mdash” mdash; Avoid sheep Zodiac sheep ” mdash” mdash; Avoid cattle

the Chinese zodiac is a tiger ” mdash” mdash; Avoid monkey health and eliminate belongs to Monkey ” mdash” mdash; Avoid tiger

Zodiac Rabbit ” mdash” mdash; Avoid chicken Zodiac belongs to chicken ” mdash” mdash; Avoid rabbit

the Chinese Zodiac belongs to Dragon ” mdash” mdash; Avoid dog health and consumption belong to dog ” mdash” mdash; Avoid dragon

Zodiac snake ” mdash” mdash; Bogey pig Zodiac belongs to pig ” mdash” mdash; Avoid snakes

porch green plant decoration Feng Shui

the placement of porch plants has a vital impact on the appearance and image of the whole family. With the lighting decoration, many large plants, trees and potted orchids in full bloom are suitable for the porch. The porch and living room can consider furnishing the same kind of plants, so that people can form a kind of integrity and interoperability visually

evergreen foliage plants should be the main plants in the porch, such as iron tree, fortune tree, Pueraria and banyan. Thorny plants such as cactus, rose and azalea should not be placed in the porch, and the porch plants must remain evergreen. If they are withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible

other porch decoration Feng Shui

the wall spacing should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top. The lower half of the porch facing the door should be decorated with good brick walls or wood boards. As a template, the upper half can be decorated with bright decorative materials, such as frosted glass. The floor should be flat and shiny. There are many patterns. The auspicious pattern is better. It must not be a figure with rhombic angle. The lighting of the porch is a very important content. It can regulate the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too bright, otherwise it will be dazzling and affect the nerves when entering the door. It can’t be too dark. One will attract Yin and spirit, and the other will decay luck. It’s better to choose a round lamp instead of a triangle lamp

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