How to dissolve the evil spirit of Feng Shui in restaurants

The restaurant is not only a place to eat every day, but also a place for family chat and gathering. Therefore, Feng Shui in the dining room is very important. It is related to the health and fortune of the whole family. Here are some wonderful ways to avoid evil spirits in dining room feng shui

① bathroom door flushing. The dining room is a place for eating and drinking. It is positive and very hygienic, so it should not be faced by the bathroom door. From the perspective of home feng shui, the bathroom door is a place where Yin Qi diffuses and gathers, which is easy to breed two black and five yellow disease Qi and death Qi, so the two must not be opposite, otherwise the host’s intestines and stomach are easy to have problems

solution method : assuming that the place is too narrow and unavoidable, you can hang a set of six emperor coins or a small compass on the lintel of the bathroom door (the horizontal frame on the door)

② square corners of the dining table. For the dining table, the corners of the table have evil spirit. Because the sharp angle is the phase of evil spirit in Feng Shui, try to avoid it as much as possible

solution : as long as the corner of the table is slightly rounded, there will be no corner impact and will not damage the health of the family. If you are still worried, the best way is to change to a round or oval table

⑧ the gate rushes to the restaurant. The gate should not flush the dining room, because it is not suitable for foreign gas to directly blow the place where a family eats. Moreover, the pollution in modern cities is very serious, and the gate flushing the dining room is easy to pollute the food. However, due to the small space, how should we deal with the fact that the gate really rushes into the dining room

solution method : the simplest way is not to open the door when eating. Or hang Huasha money or a small compass above the gate

④ lighting presses the dining table. Generally speaking, there will be lights shining on the top of the table. If there are lights on the top of the middle of the table, it will not become evil spirit. However, if the lights are located above the edge of the table, you should be careful to make evil spirits, because the lights will press the family during meals

solution method : as long as the dining table or lighting is moved, the problem can be solved naturally

⑤ the dining table is damaged. There are two big festivals at the end of the year, one commonly known as ” Do winter ” , The winter solstice; The other is the first day of the first month, commonly known as ” Spring Festival ” ; Or ” Chinese New Year ” ;. During the big festival, Chinese people like family reunion, and the dining table is the place for family reunion. The dining table and chairs should be intact without damage, otherwise the omen will be bad and the feelings of the host family will be easily alienated

solution method : one is to repair quickly, the other is to buy new ones

⑥ can the table be made of glass? Some people say that the foot can be seen with the glass surface, and the foot is Yin Qi (it is easy to get dirty on the ground, so the sun Yin Qi), so it is unlucky. In fact, as long as there are no children at home (for fear that the children will break the glass by mistake and lead to the disaster of blood), the glass surface can be used, but it is best to use brown. At the same time, the glass should be relatively thick, which is not easy to break. The most important thing is that the table can be placed in the auspicious position, which can promote wealth and promotion

⑦ can the dining table use one foot or three feet? Some people say that if the dinner table has three legs, it symbolizes that the world is divided into three parts. It is unfavorable if it cannot be stable. It is also said that it is not appropriate to use a one legged table, because the one legged table is an individual singing a one legged play, which is unfavorable to the life of husband and wife and easy to divorce. In fact, the so-called ” Monologue” One third of the world, It’s all some Italian saying that the three things in a Yangzhai should be ” Door, main, stove ” ; It can be seen that these nonsense are not convincing. It means that some people paint the ceiling red, which is called ” Good luck ” , Are groundless. Therefore, you don’t have to care too much about the one foot, two feet, three points, etc. of the dinner table

finally, the most important thing about the table is to put it in Kyrgyzstan and keep it clean, which is more important than other materials, legs and feet

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