How to resolve the bad feng shui in the bathroom

If the toilet is located in the southwest, because the southwest belongs to soil and soil conquers water, it will have a bad impact on the feng shui of the toilet, resulting in disharmony among family members, constant quarrels, susceptibility to mental depression and other diseases, and the water flowing out every day will take away the wealth of the house and lead to the loss of money. Therefore, it’s best not to build the toilet in the southwest. If you can’t choose, you need to use some methods to resolve it

there are two ways to solve the weathering of the toilet:

one is to move the direction of the toilet urinal or toilet, and it is best to set the toilet in the due east or southeast direction

Second, when the toilet cannot be moved, some small modifications can be taken, such as putting down the toilet cover, closing the toilet door as much as possible, installing a yellow light on the toilet door, or installing a big mirror in the toilet directly opposite the toilet, which can reflect and dissolve the evil spirit

of course, the best way is to adjust the orientation of the bathroom as much as possible, because the bathroom is located in the southwest, which will not only produce bad feng shui, but also make the bathroom more humid and dark due to poor ventilation and lighting. Therefore, it is better to transform the orientation

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