What plants are best placed in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for people to rest quietly. It is best to put plants that can make people fall asleep safely. Therefore, the fragrance should not be too strong, let alone toxic in the fragrance. It is best to bring a sweet fragrance, which can induce everyone to sleep. Chlorophytum, rose, Narcissus, carnation, gardenia, fairy palm and Marguerite are all suitable for placement in the bedroom; Tulips, orchids, evening primrose and lilies are not suitable for long-term indoor display. You can occasionally insert two branches into the bottle to increase the indoor beauty

in addition, such as iron tree, palm tree, fortune tree, etc. ” Prosperity ” ; Plants are not suitable to be placed indoors, because these plants mainly promote the development of family career and family economy, while the bedroom is a place for people to rest, which can not promote these plants to give full play to the best Feng Shui effect

the arrangement of indoor plants should also match the size of the bedroom. Large potted plants can be placed in spacious bedrooms and small potted plants can be placed in medium bedrooms. However, if the bedroom is relatively small, it is generally recommended to place upside down potted plants or use vases to raise flowers

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