What if the bedroom door is facing the kitchen door

The bedroom door is facing the kitchen door, which is very bad feng shui. Because the kitchen is a place for cooking with fire, it will produce a lot of oil smoke and fishy smell. If the bedroom is facing the kitchen door, it will also be contaminated with oil smoke, which will affect people’s health and mood. Moreover, if the fire of the kitchen goes into the bedroom, it will cause discord between husband and wife, often quarrel, quarrel, spear and shield, and also have a bad impact on family transportation. Money is easy to flow out, and studies and career are easy to be blocked

if you encounter the situation that the bedroom door is facing the kitchen door in the house, you can take the following two methods to resolve this evil spirit:

first, place large geomantic plants between the bedroom door and the kitchen door, such as iron tree, HuangJinGe, etc

Second, installing a geomantic compass on the door of the kitchen, or melting six copper coins, or hanging a white jade gourd on the lintel of the kitchen can effectively absorb and dissolve the evil spirit

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