How to decorate the interior of modern office buildings

From the characteristics and functional requirements of office buildings, modern office layout has three basic directions

(1) sense of modernity

the office buildings of many modern enterprises often adopt shared space design in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and strengthen democratic management. This design has become the feature of modern new office buildings, which forms the concept of new space of modern office buildings

modern office building design also focuses on the research of office environment, introducing the natural environment into the interior, greening the indoor and outdoor environment, and bringing vitality to the office environment, which is also another of modern office buildings ” mdash; Characteristics

the environment of modern ergonomics makes the office equipment more and more perfect under the requirements of ergonomics. The scientization and automation of office bring great convenience to human work. We make full use of the knowledge of ergonomics in design Design according to specific function and size requirements, which are the basic elements of office design

(2) bright pleasure

the bright office environment refers to the clean and bright tone of the office environment, reasonable lighting layout, sufficient light, etc., which is also determined by the functional requirements of the office building. Working in the bright colors of decoration can give people a pleasant mood and a sense of cleanliness. At the same time, the bright colors can also increase the indoor daylighting during the day

(3) sense of order

the sense of order of office feng shui refers to the repetition, rhythm, integrity and simplicity of the form. Office building design also uses this basic theory to create a quiet, peaceful and tidy environment. Sense of order is a basic element of office building design. In order to achieve the purpose of order in office building design, it also involves a wide range of aspects, such as the unity of furniture style and color, the regularity of plane layout, the unity of partition height size and color materials, the flatness of ceiling and wall decoration, reasonable indoor tone and the direction of people flow, etc. These are closely related to order. It can be said that order plays the most critical role in the design of office buildings

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