How to arrange Feng Shui in the porch

Now, many cities have an inch of gold and land, and most of the city residents live in cochlear houses. They may feel satisfied with having halls and rooms. Not necessarily every room has a porch. The porch is the dividing point between the hall area and the gate. Some new buildings have short entrance corridor areas, which are also regarded as porch areas by designers

however, some rooms with an area of more than 100 square meters do not necessarily have porch positions, but are divided into areas with floor tiles

because the entrance is closest to the gas receiving position of the gate, decoration is particularly important. So how to whitewash and use the porch in metaphysics in order to achieve the best effect


many people like to install a huge mirror on the left and right walls near the porch. Whenever they go out, they first look at the mirror to see if their appearance is clean before stepping out of the room. This is indeed a natural layout, but according to ” The door is opposite to the mirror ” ; If you open the door and see the mirror every time you go home from outside, and then reflect your own reflection, you will not only be frightened, but also be injured by metal. What’s more, you should beware of traffic accidents

it is ideal if the mirror is behind the door after opening the door. However, if the back wall of the gate is facing the kitchen door, be careful. If the mirror just faces the kitchen stove, it will be unfavorable to the hostess, because the stove represents the hostess of the house. The reflection of the mirror increases the stove from one to two, which means that the husband will have an affair. Therefore, the mirror should not be installed indiscriminately, especially near the porch

floor tiles

in order to clearly divide the hall area and the gate entrance area, designers like to lay all kinds of marble or floor tiles in the entrance. However, some dark gray or black floor tiles should be used less. It is recommended to choose the fashionable apricot or beige color to feel fresh and give people a sense of energetic and positive work

in addition, large families like to use marble or mosaic floor tiles, but be careful not to choose some ” Three pointed octagons ” ; Because sharp corners will bring evil spirit and physical damage to the house; The stone pattern or brick pattern should be smooth rather than sharp. The arc, large circle and pattern full of streamline beauty can make the house stable and smooth

half body cabinet

many families place a half body cabinet at the entrance. Because of its many uses, a small plate can be placed at the upper end to put keys and coins, and the cabinet can be used as a shoe cabinet. However, this thin storage cabinet has the opportunity to narrow the air inlet, so it should not be too close to the door. There must be a distance of one foot to one and a half feet

in addition, in order to make good use of space, designers like to set up ceiling lockers in the common short corridor area of new buildings. This space of less than 4 square meters has average storage effect and narrows the air inlet. It is not suitable to add ceiling lockers


the porch is the area closest to the door of the first room. It is most important to maintain the brightness and comfort of this area. It is recommended to set lighting at the porch. The lighting light is soft and can bring a vibrant effect. If the sun shines all over the porch on weekdays, there is no need to turn on the porch lighting; When the sun sets, in order to prevent the porch area from becoming dark, you can turn on the lighting for auxiliary purposes

hanging picture

as mentioned above, the porch wall should not be equipped with mirrors to prevent adverse effects on the facing door. In fact, you can choose to put hanging pictures in this area to decorate the space. Patterns with festive images and bright and cheerful colors are also suitable, but you should avoid hanging pictures of fierce beasts or portraits that feel depressed

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