What is a four official

According to Feng Shui ” Dark sky purple white formula ” ; Say, ” One white ” ; And ” Four green ” ; When the two stars meet, the main article hangs and the green clouds get the way, because the four green is the God of Wenchang and has a position of position and wealth; Where white is the official star, it dominates the CI section of the article, so it is called ” 14. The same official, The name of the approved department should be ” Green clouds get the way ”

therefore, in the past ten years and more, until 2003, the desk and study should be in the southeast or the west, because these two directions are ” 14. The same official; Place

the above is ” Yun Yuan “; Wenchang, while Yuanyun changes every 20 years

for long-term development, of course, the desk or study should be placed in ” Yuan Yun ” ; Wenchang Fang; But if you want to be effective in the short term, that is, as the saying goes ” Rush to valley ” , Then choose ” Annual transportation ” ; Wenchang square! If you use water to raise four rich and valuable bamboos, it will be prosperous ” 14. The same official; Wenchang star helper

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