What’s wrong with hanging pictures in the living room

Everyone likes painting. In order to increase the beauty of the living room, many people like to hang or post all kinds of paintings in the living room, but the hanging paintings in the living room are exquisite

① the decorative painting hanging should not be straight to the door of the home (kitchen door, toilet door and room door), nor should it be aligned with the mirror. In this way, it is against the disadvantages of the previous game, but it is self defeating and loses good luck. If the painting is right for the gate, the content of the painting can be evil, or the surface of the decorative painting is smooth and highly reflective

② number of hanging pictures: if you hang decorative pictures in the same space, you must pay attention to the following numerical explanation

lucky numbers include: 1 and 4 (Wenchang), 8 (Zhengcai) and 9 (happy event); The number of murders includes: 2 (illness), 3 (toil), 5 (illness), 6 (official and non official), and 7 (right and wrong)

calligraphy and painting should be hung in the open area of the wall in the living room, such as the main wall facing the door, tea table, sofa and the wall above the writing desk. In the corner of the room, the shadow next to the wardrobe should not hang calligraphy and painting

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