Shop interior decoration should avoid Feng Shui

(1) it should be smooth and comfortable

according to Feng Shui, smooth and comfortable is the expression of vitality. On the contrary, it is dead. The smooth and comfortable feeling of shops mainly comes from two aspects:

the first comes from the ground. It can be said that the ground is the first feeling customers get when they step into the shop. To make the floor of the shop clean and bright, when decorating, the first thing is to choose the floor tiles with smooth surface, square and good quality, so as to lay neatly, be durable and easy to scrub

for the decoration of the ground, the color of floor tiles is also emphasized, which has symbolic significance for Feng Shui. Generally speaking, red represents wealth and auspiciousness, green represents longevity, yellow represents power, blue represents heavenly blessing, and white represents purity. This symbolic meaning of color also reflects the general public’s preference for color. Therefore, it can be used as a reference when selecting the color of floor tiles

to make the floor of the shop bright and clean, it is also necessary to wipe and clean it frequently without leaving any stains, so as to keep it bright and clean forever

the second is from the wall. When customers enter the shop, they see the walls around the shop for the next day. The condition of the wall of the shop is very important to the shop

to make the walls of shops smooth and comfortable, the first thing is to decorate the walls. There are many materials to decorate the walls, such as lime, paint, wallpaper (preferably light color), wall tile panel, etc

the halls of shops always have to hang lights. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the wall, it is required to lay the light lines in a straight and uniform way to avoid the random movement of the light lines, otherwise it will damage Feng Shui

(2) the ventilation should be smooth

the shop is a densely populated area and an area where goods accumulate. Therefore, shops should also incorporate fresh air and the flow of gas in the hall. Gas flow can drive away turbid gas and bring new gas; Gas flow can take away moisture and bring dry gas

Feng Shui’s ” Accept Gas ” ; And ” The flow of air;. In a certain sense, it can be understood as ventilation. The ventilation of shops is good for the custody and trading of goods. Therefore, making shops ventilated is one of the important principles to be considered in shop decoration

the shops should be filled with gas. That is, let the fresh air of nature enter the shops, and pay attention to the inlet and outlet of air during decoration. Generally speaking, shops have an open door to do business, and the entry of air is not a problem. In the following cases, it is not necessary to open another air outlet:

① the air flow with both sides of the door moves, and there is no need to open another air outlet

② the air flow of three side door opening moves, and there is no need to open another air outlet

(3) avoid darkness and humidity

when decorating shops, to solve the problem of darkness, the number and position of lamps should be designed according to the size of space area. The lighting effect of the shop should achieve the following points:

① the light is sufficient so that customers can clearly see items within 10 meters

② the light should be evenly distributed, and it should not be bright on the left and dark on the right, or bright in the East and dark in the West

③ the light emitted by the lamps installed shall be harmonious to avoid glare

④ it is necessary to avoid the reflection of light with some reflective decorations. Feng Shui believes that this dazzling reflected light is a kind of fierce light

when considering solving the humidity problem of shops, there are three aspects to check

first, check whether the shops are well ventilated. When the ventilation of the shop is poor, the static air stagnant in the shop will become moisture, and the moisture condenses to form water droplets and become a wet water source

secondly, check whether the floor of the shop is flat and clean. The uneven ground of shops will hide dirt. If these dirt are not removed, it will also produce moisture and become another source of moisture

finally, in the season of spring and summer, check whether there is moisture regain on the ground of shops. Although the resurgence phenomenon in this season does not last long, the moisture is the heaviest, so it will cause the greatest damage to the goods

to solve the problem of humidity in shops, we can try our best to keep the shops well ventilated, or open windows, or increase exhaust holes, or remove sundries in the shop, or put items and appliances neatly, so as to make the air flow in the shop unobstructed and take away the moisture. In addition, we should try to keep the shop floor flat and smooth, and often wipe the floor to keep the floor dry and clean forever

avoiding the darkness and humidity of the shops and keeping the shops bright and fresh are also necessary conditions for creating a good business environment, which will often make the shops obtain good business results

(4) other precautions

in the decoration and design of shops, we should also pay attention to the following problems:

① the general service desk should be set in a conspicuous place for customer consultation

② the layout of shops should reflect a unique atmosphere suitable for commodities

③ try to set up rest places and prepare seats in shops

④ make full use of various colors. Walls, ceilings, lamps and displayed goods constitute the general internal environment of the shop. Different colors have different psychological stimulation to people. The layout with purple as the tone is gorgeous and noble, yellow as the tone is soft, blue as the tone is unpredictable, dark as the tone is generous and neat, white as the tone is lifeless, and red as the tone is warm. The use of color is not single, but comprehensive. The use of color is different in different periods, seasons and holidays, as well as in winter and summer. Different people react differently to color. Children have a strong reaction to red, orange, blue and green, and young women have a keen response to popular colors. The proper use of color can set off the goods more perfectly and cover up the defects of the goods at the same time

⑤ it is better to set up a mirror in the shop where the light is dark or weak. This is better than women. The mirror can reflect the light, make the goods brighter, more eye-catching and more shiny, and give a feeling of increased space

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