Bathroom mirror decoration Feng Shui

bathroom mirror decoration Feng Shui ? Although the mirror is small, Feng Shui matters greatly. For example, the larger the mirror in the bathroom, to some extent, it indicates that people’s future fortune will be better

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toilet mirror decoration Feng Shui

toilet mirror decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Don’t face the mirror and toilet

as a place to excrete filth, the toilet doesn’t need to go ” Look in the mirror, As long as you can’t see the mirror on the toilet and the toilet when you look in the mirror, it’s a reasonable situation

2. The toilet and mirror should not face the door of the bathroom

3. The floor of the toilet should not be higher than the living room. It is best not to set up a toilet in the master room. There should not be too many toilets, otherwise, such as ” Villains everywhere, It’s a sign of trouble

4. The color of the toilet should be plain. White is the most common color in the bathroom. It looks clean and bright, which is consistent with people’s demand for the bathroom. This is called ” The dirty place needs to be clean, and the smelly place should be Finnish ” , It is a flexible application of the principle of complementarity and balance. It is better not to use bright red and golden yellow in the bathroom. These colors belong to fire in the five elements, and the toilet is used as a place for excretion of filth, as ” Villains ” ; You can’t let it hide ” Fire ” ; Get up

bathroom mirror decoration Feng Shui

generally speaking, the square shape is the best, because it itself represents balance and order. Therefore, do not have sharp edges and corners. If the square mirror can be equipped with a circular wash basin and appropriate lighting, it will be more conducive to establish the balance of Feng Shui. In addition, round and oval mirrors are also suitable for use, but diamond and polygon mirrors cannot be used

it is best to use a large mirror in the bathroom, and the clearer and complete the image can be reflected, the better. If silver mirror is selected, it is the most undistorted mirror at present, and it is the best choice. However, in modern decoration, there is a new trend, that is, many people use a lot of small mirrors to combine them into large mirrors. The picture is trendy and beautiful. Although this design looks beautiful, its image is fragmented

the mirror used in the toilet should be as large as possible. Because it can expand the energy contracted due to sleep as much as possible, it will make people energetic. In addition, if there is a large space above the head when people look in the mirror, it means that people’s career development is bright. However, it should also be appropriate, because too much space will make people fall into fantasy. However, we must not choose too small mirrors. Those mirrors that can only see one face will certainly not be conducive to the development of our career

bathroom mirror decoration should avoid

1. Bathroom mirrors should not be too many

when going to the bathroom at night, people’s Yang is relatively weak and usually in a trance state. If there are too many bathroom mirrors, it is easy to scare themselves

2. The mirror should not be opposite the door

mirror the toilet door: the mirror facing the toilet door will make couples get into trouble when dealing with things, weaken the sexual function of men at home, and women are prone to women’s diseases

3. The mirror should not be on the toilet

the toilet is the place of excretion, that is to say, the place of the toilet is a dirty place, which cannot be looked at by the natural mirror. If it is not an independent bathroom, but a bathroom set in the bedroom, we should pay attention to the mutual avoidance of the dressing mirror and the mirror in the bathroom. As an old saying goes, ” Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water ” ; Represents an unrealistic ideal. Two mirrors facing each other will cause Qi field disorder, so you should keep one mirror on the washbasin. The dressing glasses are in the wardrobe

the above is mainly about Feng Shui in the bathroom mirror. Many times we don’t know so much about feng shui. For bathroom decoration, we just need to remember ” Four should ” ; And four should not be on the line

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