What kind of Feng Shui effect does raising lizards have

Lizards are cute little animals, so many people keep them as pets. In fact, lizards can also play a good role in promoting the transportation of houses. In ancient times, lizards were also known as weir dragonflies, palace guards and stone dragons. They have similar functions to dragons in Feng Shui and can play a role in the prosperity of houses. Among the twelve zodiac animals, the real dragon does not exist, so the lizard in Feng Shui corresponds to the dragon in the zodiac

according to the principle of the Chinese zodiac in Feng Shui, not everyone is suitable for raising lizards. Zodiac dog people and Dragons collide, which is the least suitable for raising lizards

people whose zodiac animals are rats, monkeys, cattle and pigs are more suitable for raising lizards and can improve their fortune

in addition, the lizard’s five behaviors are soil, so the most suitable positions for raising lizards are southwest, northeast and South; Eastern and Northern places are not suitable for raising lizards

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