Feng Shui layout of indoor stairs

Speaking of the Feng Shui problem of indoor stairs, the first thing you think of may be the relatively macro problems such as the placement of stairs, the size of stairs or the shape of stairs. In fact, although these macro contents will have a great impact on the feng shui of indoor stairs, if there are problems in those details, For the feng shui of indoor stairs and even the feng shui of the whole house, it will bring certain adverse effects

will every step on the indoor stairs affect residential Feng Shui

for example, do you care about the problem of indoor stairs? In fact, the steps of indoor stairs will have a certain impact on the feng shui of indoor stairs and houses, so here we will give you a brief introduction to the feng shui of stairs and steps

1. Height of steps: the height of stairs will also have a certain impact on Feng Shui. This impact is mainly due to the Feng Shui impact caused by the obstruction of steps to people’s footsteps. It is generally believed in home feng shui that the stairs should not be too high, because too high will hinder the improvement of popularity, so the stairs should be as low as possible, which will not only help Feng Shui, but also help safety

2. The width of the steps: in Feng Shui, it is considered that the indoor stairs should be as wide as possible, because the stairs are actually equivalent to an air inlet, which leads the air field entering from the gate to the air inlet upstairs. Therefore, if the steps of the indoor stairs are relatively narrow, the air field entering will be less and slow, which is unfavorable to the feng shui of each room upstairs, So the steps are wider, which can make more auras go upstairs faster

3. Number of steps: what we need to calculate here is the number of all steps of the indoor stairs and the number of steps on each floor. Because the owner’s luck and destiny are different in each house, the number of steps required will also be different. This needs to be analyzed in combination with the owner’s digital destiny

I won’t introduce more about numerology here. After all, there are too many contents, so you just need to know it briefly

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